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March 3rd  2024

My Home Retreat

With what feeling do you want to come home every day?


Your home is the most personal and most important place in your life. 

It is your retreat from a busy daily life in an often-overwhelming world.

Or at least it should be....

Do you struggle creating a home perfectly aligned to your wishes and needs?

A home where you feel supported, nurtured and joyfully content.


Let me take you on a 6-week inspiring journey through your home!

We look at your home from a different perspective, through the eyes of the natural world of Feng Shui and

the Spark Joy approach of the KonMari Method®,

This course offers valuable insights, deep reflection and practical tips to initiate loving, intentional

and impactful changes in your home!

All you need is a floor plan of your home and an open mind.

'Coming home is one of the most beautiful things'



This is for you if....

  • you want to bring a sense of peace and harmony to your home and your daily life

  • you want to arrange and decorate your home with intention and love


  • you want to create a good foundation in your home for a positive energy flow 

  • you feel overwhelmed by choices in colors, shape, materials and layout, and you want to make conscious choices

  • you are curious about feng shui and how you can optimize your living environment



You will...​


  • Get to know the basics of feng shui

  • Learn to analyze and work with the feng shui energy map of your house

  • Discover the different functions of your spaces and how to optimize them

  • Explore how your home is a reflection of your inner world, and how to restore balance

  • Understand the impact of clutter and make a start to design your home around what you LOVE​​

  • Make your own mood boards



You receive....

  • Four 2-hour workshops in a small group


  • Your personal feng shui energy map based on the floor plan of YOUR house

  • A beautiful and safe place where we connect and where there is space and attention for everyone and all your questions

  • An informative and practical workbook

  • An exclusive Instagram group with weekly inspirational assignments to build momentum

  • A carefully selected package of  intentional GIFTS for you and your home

  • Intensive guidance for the duration of the course

My Home Retreat Details


The My Home Retreat 6-week program is from

March 3rd until April 14th, 2024  

The workshops are on:

Sunday March 3rd / 9.30 -11.30

Sunday March 10th / 9.30 -11.30

Sunday March 24th / 9.30 - 11.30

Sunday April 7th / 9.30 - 11.30


Cafe Rumi

Weinbergstrasse 1

8802 Kilchberg

The vibrant Cafe Rumi embodies the core of this course,

a space filled with love, laughter and comfort.


CHF 549-  (ex VAT)

An investment that will forever inspire you for an increased

quality of living!

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