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'Your home is a portrait of yourself'.  - Elizabeth Gilbert

My Story

My Story

I’m Michelle, originally from the Netherlands and living in Zurich  since 2012, with my husband and two children.

My journey started after reading 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up' (2011) and tidying my own home.  The effect and results of this process, and the way it reflected on my life, blew me away.

It helped me choose and value what really matters to me and what truly brings me joy. It gave me a sense of lightness and calm, awareness and gratitude in living with only those things I love.

Since then, the Spark Joy approach has become the foundation of the choices I make in all areas of life.

​ I was certified as a KonMari Consultant in December 2018.

With Simply Serene I brought together my lifelong passion for organizing, my love for working with people and extensive experience as a social worker in guiding families through life transitions. 

As a tidying coach I am welcomed into people's most personal place, their home. A soon as we start to tidy I notice the change in people’s spaces and hearts, a shift of energy that brings about harmony, tranquility and happiness.


This inspired me to delve into the Art of Feng Shui.

I studied Conceptual Feng Shui with Nina Elshof, renowned Master in Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki, and founder of Conceptual Feng Shui at the Feng Shui Academy in Zutphen, The Netherlands.

Little did I know that Feng Shui would profoundly change the way I see life and living...

Michelle Scholl feng shui and konmari consultant Zurich
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If you would choose Joy

If you would surround yourself with only those things you Love

If you would live more Lightly

How would your life change?

My name is Michelle. As a KonMari Consultant I guide and support you in your personal journey to tidy your home and create space for a life you love.

Live Life Simply Serene


Your Story

quote and testimonial

We have been living in the new apartment for two years now and generally feel very comfortable. However, there are a few rooms with which we are simply not satisfied or which we ended up constantly rearranging everything every two months. One of them was the bedroom in which we simply did not sleep so well, no matter how we placed the bed. This inner turmoil was also the reason why we asked for a Feng-Shui consultation.

Michelle was recommended to us from two different sides and from today's perspective, I can only say that we could not have made a better choice. We immediately felt understood and had the feeling that she knows what makes us as a family tick and where the challenges as a family with small children lie when it comes to spatial planning.

The first analysis and the joint inspection of our apartment has already brought a lot of things to the light and immediately afterwards we changed the bedroom and added the element of water.

Even these first simple measures have already had a noticeable effect and our bedroom is now a place where we are able to recharge.

Now we have received the comprehensive report with room for room analyses, recommendations and many mood boards, which also fit our style in terms of taste and are easy to implement. With this report we have now received the tools for the adjustments in our apartment and are looking forward to the concrete implementation. Many thanks Michelle

P.G.S. - Kilchberg (ZH)

Your Story
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Doing Good

Love on a Hanger

Items that have served their purpose for you, may spark joy for someone else. Meet Simply Serene's inspiring partner in making the difference for others and for our environment,

Love on a Hanger is a beautiful boutique shop that lovingly sells your pre-loved donated clothes, and with every cent they support carefully selected charities that help vulnerable children around the world.

Doing Good
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