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'If not now, when?'  - Eckhart Tolle

KonMari® Tidying &
Home Organizing

You are unique and tidying is a very personal journey.

Simply Serene offers in-person sessions in which we together tidy and organize your home

by the principles of the KonMari Method®.

Simply Serene provides a gentle, empathetic and engaging approach, ensures personal guidance, discretion and care.

KonMari Tidying Services

For who? For you! 


 Are you overwhelmed by your belongings or do you feel stressed in your own home?  Have you started tidying and do you feel there is no end in sight? 

I can gently guide you through the tidying process.

Life transition?

Are you going through any kind of life transition?

The loss of a loved one, a divorce, retirement, downsizing or welcoming a baby. Whether planned or abrupt, life transitions catch you off guard.

I can support you to navigate a life transition by defining what sparks joy and find a clear path forward.

You don't have to do this alone. Let's work together.



Are you moving, being relocated or downsizing your home?

A move is the perfect occasion to choose what belongings you want to surround yourself with in your new home and make a fresh, well organized start.  

What you can expect


  • A KonMari® tidying journey starts with clear intentions and objectives. To define your ideal lifestyle and living environment is a crucial step in the KonMari Method®.  A clear vision helps to make decisions, stay motivated and focused in the tidying process. 

  • A home tour for a better understanding of the current situation and a clear sense of where there is room for improvement.

  • Clear structure to help you declutter and tidy up your house step by step according to the KonMari Method®.

  • In our 1:1 tidying sessions you learn to recognize which belongings spark joy and make clear and confident choices of the things you want to keep. 

  • Support and advice in storing and organizing your belongings in a way that is convenient and coherent for you.​ 

  • Before and after pictures of your transformed spaces.

Your tidying festival is a once in a lifetime event!
When you have  completed your tidying festival you will experience a significant and lasting impact in every aspect of your life.

quote and testimonial

Your kindness during the process of transforming this house into our home has been invaluable.   

- J.S.  Kilchberg, Zurich

Michelle Scholl, Simply Serene in Zurich

Free Inspiration Call

Call me for a free initial introduction and conversation, in which we can discuss your wishes and needs to create a living environment that is perfectly aligned for you.


Serene Tidying

From chaos to calm, from feeling overwhelmed to feeling empowered. A tidy and well organized home brings you peace of mind.

We work together in one-on-one tidying sessions. We can focus on one specific area in your home or work extensively on each of the five categories of the KonMari Method® to achieve significant and long-lasting results.

We optimize your spaces and create a beautiful, functional and cohesive home.


Serene Circle

A ladies night, an event in your yoga studio, a girlfriends gathering or a celebration.

Whatever the occasion,

let's get together in our beautiful Serene Women's Circle

for a Feng Shui-infused KonMari workshop.


The circle is a  safe, fun and mindful place where we delve into  the transformative power of tidying and the impact of a home that nurtures your well-being, from a feng shui perspective.

Book your KonMari Service
Pricing KonMari® Services

KonMari® 1:1 tidying sessions  (minimum of 3 hours per session)

Hourly rate CHF 100.-  ex VAT

Package of 30 hours  CHF 2,750.-  ex VAT 

Serene Circle

Contact me and we will discuss the options and pricing for your Circle.

* Prices do not include travel costs of 50 cents km

Feng Shui Services

Feng Shui 

We are in a constant conversation with our homes. Wouldn't it be wonderful to understand the language your home is speaking? The language of energy.


Discover the energetic story of your home and initiate loving, intentional and impactful changes. Transform discomfort and blockages into ease and flow.   


Because balance in your home creates balance in your life.


For who? For you!

Your home environment!

What you experience in your life is energetically reflected in your environment. So when you make intentional changes in your home, you simultaneously open yourself to change in your life. 

Feng Shui encourages to restore balance and create a healthy harmonious home that enhances a feelings of vitality, flow and  happiness.

What you can expect

Harmonious Home

Introductory call


Bagua analysis based on the floor plans of your house.


A home visit where I inspire you room by room with Feng Shui insights and practical advice.


A concise report with the basic Feng Shui analysis and advice.

Mood boards of the 5 elements to support your choice of color, shape and material in your home.

Feng Shui Home Scan

Do you have a clear request for help and would you like to approach it from a different perspective?


A space in your home that  feels off? 

Your child doesn't sleep well?

You don't know what color to choose in a specific room?

Let's make visible what is invisible and create awareness of what is still unconscious,

so you can make intentional choices that spark positive flow in your home.

'Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate'.  - Carl Jung

Michelle Scholl, Simply Serene Zurich

Free Inspiration Call

Call me for an initial introductory meeting and free consultation, in which we can your wishes and needs regarding your home or working environment.

A conversation that gets you inspired for the Art of Feng Shui.


Harmonious Home

Discover the power of Feng Shui.

Be inspired and learn how to apply the basics of the Feng Shui philosophy in your spaces.


Create an energetically harmonious home. 

cycle of elements.png

Feng Shui Home Scan

Let's find a clear solution for your space by approaching your request for help from an energetic approach.


Send me the floorplan of your home and let's schedule an online or in-person appointment.

Book your Feng Shui Service
Pricing Feng Shui Services

Harmonious Home

ground floor CHF 795.-  ex VAT

additional floor  + CHF 100.-  ex VAT

Feng Shui Home Scan

CHF 225.-  ex VAT

* Price does not include travel costs of 50 cents km

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