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Live Lightly

Simply Serene is your Zurich-based KonMari®  certified organizing

and feng shui consultancy.

Welcome to Simply Serene

Do you long for a sustainably tidy and energetically harmonious home?

A home where your spaces and belongings become a sanctuary for self-expression and confidence.

Exciting without being overwhelming, vibrant and relaxed, energizing and calm.

Let me be your magical fairy and help you transform your home into a comfortable and supportive place, bringing lightness to your busy daily life.

“Ï would highly recommend Michelle to anyone seeking to declutter,
organize and generally improve their home and lifestyle."

Feeling Home

A feeling of coming home is a basic human need.

Your home is the most personal and most important place in your life and has a profound impact on your well-being.

If you want to invite positive change into your life, start by making positive changes around you.

Let me guide you on a transformative journey through the energetic world of Feng Shui and the tidying process of

The KonMari Method®.


Whether it's through personalized one-on-one sessions, the supportive atmosphere of a women's circle, or

the curated Serene Gift Set, experience the coming together of two beautiful arts which, when integrated into your home,

you see it and you feel it!

The KonMari Method® and feng shui have completely transformed my life

and I am here to help you transform yours

I am Michelle, certified KonMari® consultant and feng shui professional.

Simply Serene is where we work together to make your home your favorite place in the world, a place that lovingly embraces you and perfectly reflects who you are.

Let me inspire and help you create naturally balanced spaces for a lighter life and a deep sense of freedom.

Platinum KonMari Consultant

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