Feng Shui Professional  and Certified KonMari Consultant in Zürich

Make your best home - with Feng Shui and the KonMari Method®

I gently guide you through the world of Feng Shui and the process of the KonMari Method®

and we create a naturally balanced home for a life that flows and sparks true joy.

 Simple.  Natural. Joyful.

Live with what you love and align your home to the natural world.

Your home is the most personal and most important place in your life and has a profound impact on your well-being.

We discover the energetic story of your home using the ancient teachings of Feng Shui. 

We reflect on your personal story by tidying up your belongings using the effective approach of the KonMari Method®.

A coming together of two beautiful arts which, when integrated in your home, you see it and you feel it!

'As you are, so is your home. And as your home is, so are you'.  - Chinese saying

The Art of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that helps us to understand the interaction between ourselves and our (living) environment and to improve and harmonize where necessary. 

Feng Shui has gained popularity and interest in this time when we all want to feel safe and comfortable in our home, the one place where we can simply be.

Conceptual Feng Shui meets this need, offering insightful and practical solutions for inner balance and harmony.

Feng Shui helps you:

  • Experience the amazing influence that colors, materials, layout of your house and the placement of your furniture have on the energy in your home.

  • Create clarity about the use of spaces in your home, such as the kitchen, bedroom and living room, so that all specific living areas can be optimized to its full potential.

  • Create awareness about the influence of your environment on your well-being and general happiness.

  • Enhance a positive, supportive and harmonious flow of energy in your home and increase your feelings of comfort, contentment and vitality.​​


The Art of Tidying Up

​Simply Serene gently guides you in the process of tidying and organizing your home by the principles of the KonMari Method®.

A process that takes you beyond the physical acts of sorting and storing your belongings. 

Together we create a home perfectly aligned for you, where you surround yourself with only those belongings that truly spark joy and support your ideal lifestyle.  

Tidying helps you:

  • Simplify your life.

  • Create clarity in your living and/or working environment.

  • Create an environment in which you can free your attention, energy and time for the important things in life.

  • Clear obstacles and distractions, let go of baggage from the past and create space for the future.

  • Take care of delayed decisions and actions to be taken.

  • Live in a home where you feel comfortable and energized.

  • Create a sense of harmony, happiness and tranquility

within yourself.

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