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Serene Gift Set

Elevate the Energy of Home....

Are you looking for the perfect gift to inspire positive change in your or in a special person's home and life?

The Serene Gift Set is carefully curated to bring harmony, joy, and intention into a home.

Each set contains 9 intentional gifts for 9 days, designed to enhance the energy of the home and foster

a sense of tranquility and well-being.

Daily messages will serve as a guiding light, illuminating every corner of the home with awareness and intention.


From the serene sanctuary of the bedroom to the nourishing energy of the kitchen and the liveliness of the living room, we'll explore each space with mindfulness, helping you uncover the hidden potential and energy within.

From uplifting crystals to aromatic essentials, every item in the Serene Gift Set is aligned with the principles of

Feng Shui and thoughtfully chosen to inspire positive, loving, and impactful change.

Whether you want to celebrate YOUR home and life, have a birthday celebration, housewarming occasion, or simply as a gesture of appreciation, the Serene Gift Set is a meaningful way to start your feng shui journey or show someone special to you, that you care about their happiness and well-being.

Ready to spread positivity and love?




Extend the experience of the Serene Gift Set with an inspirational 1:1 in-home KonMari / Feng Shui session.

I will guide you through personalized decluttering and energy-balancing techniques, helping you create a harmonious and uplifting living environment tailored to your unique needs and aspirations

'Give love vibes to your home'


Thank you so much for your carefully wrapped gifts, all so beautiful, sweet, with their own story and with their own energy.

It brought a smile to my face opening them every day!


I just had an amazing session with Michelle from your present!

Honestly! I feel like this is what I want for every birthday! It was so worth it and made me realize how much stuff we have... and Michelle is super sweet!

lotus flower4_edited.jpg

It's so exciting opening a little gift each day and today's gift is beautiful!

So happy and grateful for your kindness and thoughtfulness, Michelle.


Serene Gift Set Details

the Serene Gift Set consists of:

  • a package of 9 beautiful and intentional gifts to invite positive energy into the home

  • 9  accompanying daily messages offer awareness and inspiration for maximizing the gift's and home's potential

CHF 69.-

( Including VAT / Excluding shipping costs)

Contact me and surprise yourself or someone special in your life with the Serene Gift Set!



Extend the Experience

Extend the experience and gift an inspirational one-on-one

in home KonMari / Feng Shui session

CHF 100.- per hour

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