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Summer: 5 Ways to Embrace the Fire Season

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

These long summer days and balmy evenings make us feel energetic, enthusiastic and exuberant. We shine like the sun. Within the cycle of the five elements, it is the fire energy known as the spirit of joy and love, that represents the summer season. The season of bloom, warmth, light and bustle. Harness the fire energy and tap into this season's natural superpowers!

June 21st is the most yang day of the year. The sun shines powerfully, nature is at its utmost exuberant and people feel energetic and outgoing. We have arrived in the season of fire energy, the element of transformation.

At the same time the solstice on June 21st instigates a slight shift in energy. Days are slowly getting shorter and gradually the exuberant yang energy changes to more soft and inward yin energy.

The summer energy stimulates maturation, clarity and visibility. All ideas, desires and wishes that reside within you can now begin to grow and flourish, encouraged by the action oriented yang energy and supported by the increasing gentle and nurturing yin energy. This is the season to fulfill your heart's desires. And that is precisely the superpower of fire.

Fire is self-confident and proud, passionate, catchy and uplifting, exciting and powerful. It reveals itself in all its intensity and is focused on expanding and influencing everything it comes across. Fire cannot be stopped. In fact, anything that encounters fire is forever transformed.

Summer is therefore the ideal season for life-changing magic.

The powerful and inspiring fire energy supports you to:

  • Step into the spotlight

  • Express yourself and create visibility

  • Establish a clear image and reputation

  • Lighten up a situation with humor

  • Be spontaneous and impulsive

  • Spark new adventures and contacts

  • Distinguish yourself from others

  • Follow your heart's desires

  • Motivate and enthuse others

  • Make independent choices

  • Boost your creativity

  • Take action!

How to bring the natural element of fire into your home and life.

1. Add fire to your home

Within feng shui, fire is the element that adds vibrancy, creativity, warmth and love to your home. Decorate your home with fire elements and it will ignite your inner flame.

Color: red, orange, purple, pink

Shape: triangle, chaotic shapes, pyramid, star, pointed

Material: color, animal prints

Fire colors can be overwhelming because they are simply striking and attract a lot of attention. It takes courage to work with fire colors in your home. Any fire elements can be dominant and visually noisy. Investigate which fire expression suits you and your home best.

Introduce fire energy into your home with images of the sun, stars or hearts, pointed and triangular shapes. Colorful flowers bring fire energy into your home. Humor, funny objects and art also activate the fire energy.

Hang crystals by the window and let the sun conjure rainbows in your space.

Candles and fire places are a clear representation of the fire element.

Fire thrives in a chaotic and eclectic environment, so don't be afraid of color and mix & match anything that makes you happy.

2. Colors of fire energy

Embrace the fire energy and feel supported by its qualities through color. The universal language of color touches us directly in our hearts. Color is a simple and effective way of evoking and influencing emotions and behavior.

All colors have their own superpowers. Welcome the following colors into your home, wardrobe, accessories and cuisine, and let the exciting fire qualities unfold in your life.


Red is the color of passion, a challenging, exciting and seductive color. Red represents vitality, action, self-confidence and speed. Red stimulates us physically, and encourages us to realize ideas practically.


Orange is adventurous, intuitive, impulsive, powerful, playful and sociable. Orange is healing and inspires us to experience renewed enthusiasm.


Yellow is the most cheerful color. Yellow makes you shine with optimism, confidence and sparkling energy. It encourages you to explore and develop your individuality, 'who am I' and 'what do I want'? Go shine!


This spontaneous and striking color is open to change and new adventures. Magenta brings out femininity, compassion and sensuality, it attracts attention.

Magenta indicates readiness for change and transformation, a new phase or adventure in your life. Magenta has an eye for detail and reminds you to appreciate the little things in life.

3. Fire activities

Warmth and fire

Expose yourself responsibly to the warmth and energy of the sun, and let this fireball recharge you. Make a fire in a fire pit or light your barbecue for some outdoor cooking.

Socialize, marvel and have fun!

Fire is about joy, heart connection and encouragement. Where do find pure joy or who do you laugh with? Go to a party or invite people over. Cheer up others by giving them a smile or spark a conversation with a stranger, give someone a compliment.

Break out of your every day routine, follow your impulses and do something that comes to mind spontaneously. Seek for (renewed) passion in your life and awaken a sense of wonder and joy by experiencing something new and different.

Art and entertainment

Art and entertainment are associated with the element of fire. The beauty and excitement of art and entertainment inspires and breathes creative chi. Visit a museum or gallery, go to a concert or a dance or theater performance. Film is also an expression of the element of fire, so go see a movie in the cinema. This is the perfect time to indulge in a festival bustling with fire energy.

Self expression

Fire energy greatly supports creative self-expression. Do you like writing, dancing, cooking or drawing? Allow your imagination and creativity free reign, and use the fire energy to get out there and make yourself more visible.

The energy of fire illuminates everything you do and puts you right into the spotlight, if you allow it to...

So, create fun videos or take beautiful photos for your instagram account, write a blog, give a presentation or workshop on whatever you feel passionate about.

4. Keep your fire in balance

Fire energy is a force of two sides, the sun's rays that warm your heart and a darker, cooler shadow side. You may recognize this in yourself, we are part of nature and our behavior and feelings are therefore influenced by the energy of the summer. In balance we feel passionate and energetic, we feel joyous, proud and happy. However, out of balance, we can feel lethargic, agitated and emotionally vulnerable.

It is therefore important to take good care of yourself in summer with sufficient exercise, cooling and rest.

5. Nourish your soul

Fire energy represents light and visibility, and offers the opportunity to step into the spotlight.

The spotlight is a beautiful place that can nourish your soul, at the same time it is a vulnerable place. Your fire can be fanned or extinguished, you can be overwhelmed by applause and recognition or by criticism and rejection.

And although fire stirs and does not turn to look back, it is important for protection of your soul and a healthy ego development to pause for moments of (self)reflection, adjustment and fine-tuning.

6. Cherish your heart's desires

Be aware that light also shines on things that no longer serve you or that no longer fit into your ideal lifestyle. You can let go of these things, however difficult or painful that may be.

The current fire energy is the energy of your heart and you better be picky about how you nourish and nurture your heart.

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