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Winter: 4 Ways to Embrace the Water Season

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

The rhythm of the seasons is the foundation of our existence.

If you feel that the things you are doing are unnecessarily draining your energy, you may be doing things that are unnatural right now. Every season carries its own energy and whether you adapt to the energy of the season or not, nature continues to follow its rhythm imperturbably.

When you embrace the seasons and follow the flow of nature, you can use the magical power that each season offers you. Because nature gives us exactly what we need at the right time.

The winter season is the most yin season of the year and offers the opportunity for stillness and reflection. Winter is associated with the natural element of water. Nature withdraws and is uses this period to recover and prepare for a new expansion in springtime.

Winter is not the time to start new projects, yet it is the perfect time for reflection and purification. The more you rest and slow down, the more can arise.

This is the time to 'be'.

Water expresses itself in cold, stillness and darkness. It is the world of the unconscious and unknown. Imagine a lake in winter scenery that radiates cold, mystery and darkness. The underwater world with inestimable depth and an inexhaustible resource.

Water is about our deepest inner strength where our talents and intuition lie. Water is a beautiful place to turn to in winter in search of reflection and creativity.

Photo @Unsplash, by Daniele Franchi

How to bring the natural element of Water into your home and life.

1. Add water to your home

Embrace the winter season by adding subtle elements of water to your home.

The darkness of water expresses itself in the colors black and dark blue, gently decorate your house with accents in these colors.

Glass and glass objects are also associated with the element of Water.

An image of a lake or ocean, or a painting with smooth lines and waves.

Literally bring water into your home by bringing in a fountain or putting out a bowl of water. Welcome the darkness and illuminate your spaces in the evening with dimmed lights or candles.

2. Move your body, calm your mind

Take advantage of the natural properties of water. Amplify the flow of water by moving your body and harness the stillness of water to calm your mind.

More than half of your body is made up of water, so make sure to keep it pure, clear and flowing.

In this yin time of the year opt for calm and flowing movements, such as yoga, tai-chi or Qi gong, as well as skiing and ice-skating.

In order to really turn inward, seek out sufficient moments of rest. Read a book, daydream, drink a cup of tea or take a long bath. Calm your mind with silence. Listen to guided meditations or calm meditative music with water sounds. The night is linked to the element of water, lie down and relax, and make sure you get enough sleep.

Lose yourself in total flow and relaxation by being creative. Go paint, write or go for a walk. These are the moments that create space for new ideas to bubble up.

3. Go outside

Nothing is more relaxing than being outside in nature. We have forgotten that as humans we are part of nature and that natural cycles affect us every day. Often we have lost this connection. By reconnecting with nature, you will also get more in touch with yourself. Dress up warm and go for a walk along a lake or seaside. Feel the cold, watch and listen to what nature has to tell you.

Photo @Unsplash, by Becca Tapert

4. Go with the flow

Water is inactive. It is formless and boundless, and adapts completely to its environment. Water flows where it can, always taking the shortest and easiest route. Water is at ease with all it encounters and absorbs without judgement.

Let go of your tight schedule and open yourself to spontaneous and unexpected opportunities. Live casually and freely.

Connecting with the natural element of Water restores your intuitive wisdom, your confidence and vitality. Winter offers the opportunity to purify your water as a source for the next season, the spring that will soon burst forth with its unstoppable energy!

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