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Good Feng Shui Starts at Your Front Door

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

How often do you use your front door nowadays? We are currently spending a lot of time at home. Not only sleeping, cooking, bathing and relaxing in our spaces, but also working from home. We are requested to stay at home as much as possible and only go out when necessary. We can't invite family and friends for dinners and party's as we are used to, so we spend most of our time with our inner family circle.

I wonder; do you still use your front door frequently?

You have probably heard of Feng Shui before. This ancient Chinese philosophy examines the relationship of people to their environment and shows us which influence our environment has on our well-being and happiness. Feng Shui aims to create balance and harmony in our homes and stimulate a positive flow of Chi (life energy) in our living environment, and therefore in ourselves. The more freely the energy flows in your home, the better you feel.

Feng Shui has gained popularity and interest during this special time when we all want to feel safe and comfortable in our home, the one place where we can simply be.

So, how can you stimulate, enhance and maintain a positive flow of energy in your living environment? Very simple, right where you enter your home, at the front door.

Within Feng Shui teachings the front door is called ‘the mouth of Chi’. Your front door is considered one of the most important functions of the house, it the place where the inside and outside world meet. This is the place where new vital energy is attracted into your home and flows through all rooms, to nourish your spaces.

The front door and entryway are, at the same time, often the most neglected spaces in our homes. We rush in, we rush out, we quickly dump our belongings and fail to notice the importance of the first space we enter when coming home, and the energy we bring in with us.

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I am sharing 6 tips to optimize the front door and entry area, to help bring a positive flow of energy into your home.

1. Be aware of the first impression

Your front door is an opportunity to introduce yourself. More than a first impression of your home, it is a first impression of you. The front door is a place where you provide clarity about who is in charge behind this door, here you establish your personal identity and set your boundaries to the outside world. What do you want to radiate and therefore attract to your life?

Go outside, take a step back and look around. Simply observe and feel. What does your front door evoke?

2. Create clarity and visibility

Clarity and visibility are very pleasant, reassuring and relaxing. A clear house number, nameplate and mailbox. Pleasant lighting and a friendly sounding doorbell. A clean doormat and some fresh flowers and plants increase the sense of welcome for your visitors, for yourself and for the energy.

You do not want to be too visible! Do you have a glass front door? It's important to find a good balance between being able to see who is at your door and feeling protected and safe. A glass front door makes the outside world dominantly present in your home and can make you less free.

A curtain or window film can be a great solution.

3. Take care of your front door

Pay attention to your front door and entryway. Is everything working and taken care of well? Do you enter your house unhindered or with (unconscious) irritation and stress because the door jams and squeaks? These little obstacles impact the energy you are bringing into your home. Ensure your front door is not jammed, the lock works well and there are no items blocking the entrance. A smooth and relaxing homecoming fills your home with positive energy.

4. Declutter and organize

A clear and bright entrance ensures a warm welcome every time you come home.

The entryway is typically a place where things pile up, jackets, shoes, bags and papers. This stagnates the Chi from entering your home. So, let's declutter and get organized.

Take out everything category by category and make a pile of all items per category. Keep only those belongings that you truly use and that spark joy, and let go of everything else. If possible, provide closed storage spaces where your belongings can be stored out of sight. Designate a home to all of your belongings and return the items to their space every time you enter your house.

A clear and organized hallway not only provides peace of mind and overview, but also allows the energy to flow in freely.

5. Create a power spot

When you walk into your home, what is the first thing you see? If you have space in your hallway use this to attract positive energy and feel inspired every time you walk into your home. Place colorful flowers or a beautiful piece of art and create a personal power spot, a place that fills your heart with warmth and uplifts your soul.

Avoid placing a mirror in the position directly opposite the front door. This will immediately reflect the vital energy out again.

6. Invite fresh air in

A front door that is not or hardly used affects the quality of the energy in your home. Use your front door on a daily basis to invite new energy in. If you have a back door that you use more frequently, I recommend you make it your new routine to use your front door.

Are you spending a lot of time indoors during the day? Open your front door regularly for about 10 minutes to bring in a breath of fresh air to nourish your spaces, and you!

Every house carries its own energy and good Feng Shui advice always starts with a thorough analysis of your home by a Feng Shui Professional. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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