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The Holiday Season of My Dreams

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Create Space for a Holiday Season You Love

The holidays season is coming up! Christmas is a time of joy, love and kindness. A time of reflection and making memories. Unfortunately, all too often, we clutter up the season with unnecessary burdens, stuff and stress. We may feel overwhelmed trying to meet, and fit in, everyone’s expectations. Our holiday season has become overstuffed and may just be in need of some simplification and renewed focus.

What if we start holiday preparations right now to avoid the stress and increase the joy? What if we identify what truly makes us happy? What if we apply the KonMari Method™ of simplifying, decluttering and choosing joy to the holiday season?

Join me in this Holiday Challenge, in which I will guide you to create space for the most wonderful time of the year!

We start the challenge by creating a clear vision of your ideal holiday time. Identifying what brings you joy at Christmas time will bring serenity into your heart and into your home.

Imagine your ideal home, with the look and feeling that represents this. Think about what holiday activities and traditions truly make you happy. What are your wishes concerning exchanging gifts? Envision how you would like to welcome your guests and spend time with the people you love? What is this time really about for you?

A mood board is a very powerful way to connect to your wishes and dreams. Visualizing helps to prioritize; it supports and reassures you in feeling confident in your choices. Use Pinterest or tear images out of magazines. Your mood board will be your inspiration and motivator in our challenge the coming weeks. I made mine too.

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