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Managing Christmas Gifts

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Create Space for a Holiday Season You Love

One way of expressing our love and appreciation for one another during the holiday season is by exchanging gifts. With Christmas coming up there is no doubt there will be many gifts and new items coming into your home.

But what if the thought of all these well-intended additional things, taking up space in your home, makes you feel stressed and anxious? What if you are actually working hard on banning random stuff? What if you choose to focus on keeping only belongings that truly spark joy, which are meaningful and support you in attaining your ideal lifestyle?

Here are five tips that may help you channel the flow of unwanted stuff.

1. A wish list of gifts that will truly be loved and cherished.

The ultimate goal of exchanging gifts is to bring a smile on a face when the recipient opens it. Finding the right present can be very challenging though. Share a wish list of items you or your children may really want or need. Your friends and relatives will be delighted to know what gift will truly spark joy. This way you protect your space from being filled with clutter that you don’t like and may never use.

2. Gift cards.

Receiving a gift card may be slightly disappointing and unattractive (especially to children) but come the day that they can exchange that shiny card for an item they truly love and all will be good.

3. Presence over Presents.

Express to your friends and family that it is their presence that truly makes the Holiday Season a joyful one. Happiness lies within love and kindness: spending time together in a warm cozy home; playing games; enjoying dinner or going for a winter walk.

4. Experiences rather than gifts.

Consider asking an experience rather than a gift. A day to the zoo or a night at the theater. A hike and a hot chocolate, or going to the movies. A spa treatment or lunch with a friend.

It is the memory of true attention and connection, of laughter and joy that lasts a lifetime.

5. Doing Good.

Is there a better feeling than bringing joy into the lives of others? Although most of us are fortunate to fully embrace ‘ the most wonderful time of the year’, Christmas can be a very stressful and sad time for people less fortunate.

So instead of buying more stuff, ask your friends and relatives to donate to a charity. Especially this time of the year there are many initiatives to help people in distressing circumstances. Have a look into collections and events near you.

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