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Tidying Christmas Decorations

Create Space for a Holiday Season You Love

Whether you take it all the way, or prefer a more simply decorated Christmas home, decorating for the holiday season is a great and fun way to celebrate as a family. But when you have collected an excessive amount of decorations over the years, it can be overwhelming and outshine the true meaning of creating your ideal Christmas home. Do you still love all those items stored in your holiday boxes? Are they still your style and do they make you happy?

Imagine how magical it would be to take out your holiday decorations and love every single piece while you are decorating. And imagine how wonderful it would be to put them away after the holidays, neatly organised in a box, stored in a designated space in your home.

The holiday season is busy and it's harder to be objective about what to keep and what to let go of when you're in the midst of it. This is the time to declutter and tidy your Christmas decorations, keeping only those items that truly spark joy and simplify for the years to come.

It doesn’t matter whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. If your decorations lead to losing sight of what the holidays are really about—peace, calm, friendship, harmony, family, and love — then ditch the decorations.” – Peter Walsh

Here are the steps to declutter and tidy your holiday decorations by the principles of the KonMari Method™:

  • Take out all your decoration boxes from the storage and spread all items on the floor.

  • Divide your decorations into subcategories; tree decorations, table decorations, home decorations, keepsakes, candles/candle holders, Christmas lights etc.

  • Ask yourself the key question as you hold each individual item; Does it spark joy? Choose only those items that you truly love and support your ideal holiday home.

  • If items don’t spark joy set them aside, to donate or discard, expressing gratitude.

  • Put all your beloved decorations in a clear storage bin or in a beautiful box, which you can store in your storage room where you’ll easily find it when it’s time to start decorating.

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