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How to Connect to the Elements of Nature

Imagine a serene moment, standing barefoot under the open sky. You hear the murmuring of a creek, your feet are tickled by the grass, the sigh of a breeze through your hair and your skin is kissed by the sun. A moment that evokes the elements of nature: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. All five elements have their superpowers and when we feel a little lost, imbalanced, or uninspired, we can seek out and connect to nature to find exactly what we need to restore the harmony within ourselves.

According to the five elements theory, the elements are the foundation of formation of everything in the universe. Humans and everything else in nature are made up of the five elements. The elements interact in a nourishing and controlling cycle. Each element has its own unique qualities and together they seek for harmony and balance.

Within Feng Shui we apply the desired quality of energy through metaphors of the elements in our home to energetically balance our spaces. Keeping your personal energy balanced is just as important. Too often the habits of our daily lives cut us off from the natural world. But the reality is that we are intricately connected to nature and the lack of this connection is exactly what can throw us off balance. Understanding the elemental influences can help us to understand how to bring balance into our lives.

Recognize and define your needs and seek connection with nature to recharge with its superpowers.

Connect with the element Water

The element of water helps to tune into your emotions, intuition, and inner strength. Water offers space for reflection and healing; it connects us with our deepest feelings and emotions. Water is about the past, the unclear and elusive. Anything hidden beneath the surface of the water can float to the surface, creating clarity and allowing you to connect with an unknown piece of yourself, whether it is unprocessed emotions or an undiscovered talent. Water absorbs without filter and without judgement and brings you right back to the source where your potential lies.

  • If you have worries, the beach is the place to be. The ocean clears your mind, after a walk on the beach your thoughts fall into place, and you see everything clearly again. Sit by a waterfall, creek or lake and simply gaze. Watch the water move, ripple and flow. Dip your toes in the water and sense the water flowing around your feet.

  • Go for a swim in natural waters and feel how the water moves, adapts, and overcomes.

  • Make yourself a glass of water or herbal tea and drink mindfully, express gratitude for the precious gift of water.

  • Create a bath or shower ritual. Soak in salts and relax your body and mind. Feel the water flow down your body and cleanse all layers; physical and spiritual, your energetic and etheric body.

Photo by @Unsplash, Seth Doyle

Connect with the element Wood.

The element of wood connects us with the desire to grow and develop, to act impulsively and selflessly. Think of a tree, with deep roots, branches that stretch and a crown that wants to reach higher and higher. The element of wood also longs for connection with others. Do you need a new impulse or are you seeking for creative manifestations? Wood can support you. Wood is optimistic and hopeful, progressive, resourceful and creative. It is about innovation and making your ideas reality. Wood has an open and cheerful attitude in life and connects you with your enthusiasm and self-confidence.

  • Go for a walk in the forest. The tranquility of the forest gives us the opportunity to let your thoughts run free, resulting in unexpected insights and inspirations.

  • Bring your journal when you go outside and manifest your thoughts and ideas with intentional writing.

  • Buy or pick a pretty bunch of flowers.

  • Take care of your plants, inside your home and in your garden.

Photo by @Unsplash, Allef Vinicius

Connect with the element Fire

When I think of the element fire, I think of the radiant sun. The sun is our life force, it gives us warmth and light. Fire makes us feel alive! Are lacking inspiration and passion, connect to fire. Fire is the most active element, it is the element of the heart and the soul: it is passionate, loving, proud and attention seeking. Fire makes everything visible, even that which does not want to be seen. In fact, everything that encounters fire is forever transformed.

  • Make a fire or sit by a campfire and gaze into the flames.

  • Enjoy being kissed by the sun and absorb the warmth.

  • Watch the sunrise or the sunset.

  • Be inspired by art.

  • Do you remember what you loved to do as a child? Find and embrace your passion because there is nothing more satisfying than lighting your inner flame and losing yourself in the flow of the moment.

Photo by @Unsplash, Julia Caesar

Connect with the element Earth

The element of earth connects you to solid, reliable, and nourishing energy. Do you seek for stability and calm? Do you need support to go through life more steadily and grounded? Then earth is your go to element. The element of earth is caring, nourishing and nurturing, it is steady and anchoring. Earth offers us a solid foundation and security. With Earth you know where you stand. Earth waits patiently, supports where necessary and gives renewed confidence in the future and in yourself.

  • Get your hands dirty by gardening. Plant some seeds to feel connected to nature’s cycle. Earth is our home and working with soil connects us with Mother Earth.

  • One of the greatest gifts is the fertility of earth. Bake or cook for yourself, your family or friends. Choose your ingredients mindfully, use local, seasonal, and fresh products. Pick your own fruits and vegetables, if possible, in a designated vegetable garden.

  • A mountain hike or walk in nature connects us with the stable, powerful, and strengthening energy of earth.

  • Feel how the earth supports you by walking bare foot on the beach or in the grass of a park.

  • Collect stones, branches, and shells. Bring home a piece of nature with its unique pattern and textures. Bring nature into your home and decorate your spaces with your self-found treasures.

Photo by @Unsplash, Nathan Dumlao

Connect with the element Metal

Metal is about boundaries, routine, and structure in your life. Do you need clarity and direction, do you want to make independent choices and set clear boundaries? The element of metal is precise, analytical, disciplined, and responsible. Metal is also about freedom of the mind, creativity, originality, and playfulness, and it connects us with the spiritual world.

  • Practice outdoor yoga and breathing exercises.

  • Take some time for daydreaming. Lay in the grass and look at the sky, watch the clouds pass by and feel the space.

  • Meditate by a lake, a bonfire, a waterfall or by the ocean. Let your thoughts wander off during a walking mediation, as you stroll along the beach or hike in the mountains.

  • Open your windows and your front door and bring in fresh air, every day!

  • Focus on the wind. The wind can guide you, give you new ideas and help you let go of what no longer serves you.

  • Be playful and creative. Build a sandcastle on the beach, a hut in the forest or a dam in a river.

  • Smell is associated with the element of metal. We react to scents instinctively and they evoke memories and emotions. Use pure incense and essential oils to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Photo by @Unsplash, Chelsea Gates

The next time you are outside, and you feel the sun on your skin, or you see water flowing in a stream I invite you to pause and connect.

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