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The Feng Shui Command Position

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

The command position is a foundational concept within the Feng Shui philosophy, it is the place in a room that empowers you. It is the place where you have a clear view of the door and an overview of the room. The command position thus puts you in control of the space and of your own energy.

The Feng Shui command position can be applied in any space. It is about the placement of furniture in a position that optimizes the energy and supports you in the specific function of the room. It helps to find peace in your bedroom, to be able to concentrate in your office space and relax in your living room.

The command position, or power position, is best known for its application in the bedroom and the office space. Considering these are the places where you spend a lot of your time, good positioning is of great importance.

In your bedroom, where you are most vulnerable, placing your bed in the command position will increase your sense of security which is especially important for indulging in your sleep and getting a good rest. In your office space, the command position of your desk puts you in control of your career and makes you commander of your energy, whoever or whatever you are dealing with. It keeps your energy strong and focused throughout the day.

But also consider the placement of your sofa or favorite chair in the living room. Or think of a restaurant, a bar, a conference room or public space. Most of us feel vulnerable and restless when we are in a space without support and without an overview. The command position is simply the most powerful position in a space, where the energy works best for you.

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3 Criteria for a Powerful Command Position

1. Clear view of the door The command position is the spot furthest away from the door, with a good view of the door and the rest of the room. The presence of open space in front of you symbolizes future opportunities and possibilities. What a beautiful thought that when these opportunities lie before you, you can tap into them and improve your happiness and well-being.

2. Not in direct line with the door Although the Chi meanders through your spaces, there is always a stronger energy flow in the direct line behind the door that feels like a draft. This can create unrest and distraction. It is recommended to place your furniture in the diagonal from the door.

3. Strong backing Lack of back support, or complete back exposure makes you vulnerable and weakens your energy because you are constantly (consciously or unconsciously) vigilant. Strong backing offers protection, security, support and strength.

A solid wall is the ideal backing for the command position. So, place your bed with the headboard against a solid wall and make sure you are backed up by a solid wall when you sit at your desk.

Not every space offers the possibility of strong back support. For example, when you sit or lie with your back to a window. A chair with a high backrest, a bed with a high headboard or a high and sturdy cupboard also provide stability and support.

Good Feng Shui advice always starts with a thorough analysis of your home by a Feng Shui Professional.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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