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Clearing the Way for Positive Energy: A Guide to Feng Shui Space Clearing

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Space clearing is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years to improve the energy flow in homes and other spaces. Feng Shui, a Chinese metaphysical practice, emphasizes the importance of clearing a space to enhance the flow of positive energy or "qi" in the environment. We will explore different options for space clearing from a Feng Shui perspective.

Negative energies can accumulate in a space due to various factors such as stress, trauma, illness, negative thoughts and emotions, and even the presence of negative entities. These energies can affect the well-being and harmony of the occupants of the space and cause a range of physical, emotional, and mental issues such as fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

Therefore, clearing a space from negative energies is essential to improve the energy flow and create a harmonious environment that supports your well-being and happiness.

There are various methods to clear a space from negative energies.

Burning Sage or Palo Santo:

Burning Sage or Palo Santo is a traditional Native American practice that has been adopted by many other cultures. Sage is believed to purify and cleanse negative energies while Palo Santo is thought to clear and attract positive energies. To use this method, light the sage or Palo Santo and let it smoke in all areas of the space. Pay particular attention to the corners, windows, and doors.

Ringing a Bell:

Bells have been used in many cultures for centuries to purify and clear energies. The sound of a bell is thought to disperse negative energies and bring in positive energies. To use this method, ring a bell in every corner of the space or walk around your home while ringing the bell.

Using Essential Oils:

Essential oils have many therapeutic properties, including their ability to clear and purify energies. Some essential oils such as lavender, frankincense, and peppermint are known for their cleansing and uplifting properties. To use this method, mix a few drops of essential oil with water and spray it around the space.

Placing Crystals:

Crystals are believed to absorb and transmute negative energies, making them a perfect choice for space clearing. Some crystals for clearing negative energies include black tourmaline, amethyst, selenite and citrine. Place the crystals in different areas of your home to absorb the energy that no longer serves you, and let them brighten and elevate your surroundings.

Smudging with Incense:

Burning incense is believed to purify and cleanse negative energies and create a peaceful atmosphere. By harnessing the power of plants and natural compounds, you can support your home, body and mind in a gentle and effective way.

Natural incense are free from the harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances found in many commercial products, making them a safer and more environmentally friendly choice.

It is essential to choose a method that resonates with you and your space and make it a regular practice to keep the energy flow in your environment positive and harmonious.

Just as important is the intention with which you perform the space clearing.

Set an intention

Setting an intention while doing a space clearing is a simple yet powerful technique that can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the process. By setting an intention, you are declaring your purpose and desired outcome for the clearing. This helps to focus your energy and attention, and sends a clear message to the universe about the positive change you want to bring about in your living space.

The intention can be anything you want it to be, such as creating a peaceful and harmonious environment, releasing negative energy, inviting positive energy and abundance, or simply creating a clean and organized space.

It also helps to visualize the outcome you desire. A clear vision strengthens your intention and make it more powerful. As you perform the space clearing, keep your intention in mind and visualize the space being transformed into the desired state.

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