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The Best House Plants for Good Feng Shui

There are many reasons to bring plants into your home. Plants are one of the most effective ways to instantly shift the energy of your home. Bringing nature into your spaces nourishes your personal energy and creates a welcoming space designed to nurture relationships, friendship, and bonding.

Within feng shui plants are used to inspire positive and abundant energy. Plants are living Chi and they not only keep the energy in a space vital and vibrant, but they also improve the air quality in your home and decrease feelings of stress and anxiety.

Wood energy

Based on the theory of the 5 feng shui elements plants are related to the element of wood which encourages connection, growth and action. Wood energy also fosters compassion and kindness. The element of wood brings clarity when your energy is low or when you feel lost and disconnected.

Wood renews itself time and again and carries beautiful qualities hidden in its invisible buds. The promise of bloom gives us hope and the color green, that reminds us of our natural environment, simply increases our sense of abundance. Plants are a very powerful way to strengthen and support joyful and healthy energy in any space.

Photo by Jackie DiLorenzo, @Unsplash

Feng Shui challenging plants

Though any vibrant and healthy plant will bring good energy into your home, there are a few feng shui principles to consider.

  • Avoid pointy and spiky plants such as a cactus. The sharp points pointing at you are known as poison arrows and drain your personal energy. These spiky plants are considered to attract negative, defensive, or hostile energy.

  • Dried flowers or dead plants have lost their vital Chi, the ‘dead’ energy they carry have a negative effect on the vitality in your spaces.

  • Artificial flowers and plants do not offer any benefits in optimizing the energy in your home. If you nevertheless like to opt for fake plants or flowers, make sure that they are as real as possible and preferably made of a natural material such as silk.

Lush and green and full of life

Where do you want to encourage a welcoming and vibrant feeling in your home? These are exactly the spaces you want to position your plants. Great areas for plants are the main entry, living room, office space and the bathroom. According to the feng shui philosophy plants do not belong in the bedroom. The active and yang energy of plants promotes growth, change and expansion and is thought to be too strong and restless for a good night’s sleep.

Main entrance

The main entry is where you welcome positive and vital energy into your home. Plants are a great way to attract this energy. Depending on the size of this space, choose your plants so as not to block or hinder the energy-directing and distributing function of the entrance and hallway. It is important that the Chi can flow freely.

Living Room

The living room is one of the most important areas in the house. It is the place for everyone to connect, have fun, converse, and feel comfortable. A great place for plants because they attract lots of active and positive vibes and create a lively and dynamic energy in the space.

Office Space

Plants are essential for a healthy workspace. They effectively and instantly shift the energy in a room. Plants purify the air, neutralize radiation from electronics, create serenity, and generate a positive flow of energy for a healthy and creative workspace. The power of wood can also force a breakthrough when you feel indecisive, confused, or unclear.

Display your flowers and plants on the corners of your desk to draw good fortune and prosperity. The left corner of your desk boosts wealth and abundance and the right corner reinforces relationships.


Let’s talk about the bathroom. Maybe not the ideal place for luscious energy, but feng shui says there is something going on in the bathroom that can be cured with plants. The bathroom is all about water, it involves washing, cleansing, and rinsing. Due to the drains and the frequent flushing of water the bathroom is considered the place where energy resources are easily lost. Wood offers a solution to retain and harmonize the energy; water nourishes wood and wood absorbs water. Plants therefore improve the atmosphere in the bathroom.

Plant remedies

  • In feng shui, plants are often used to neutralize sharp energy created by corners. You can, for example, place a plant on the corner of your desk, shelf, or cupboard to avert sharp energy.

  • Energy flowing too fast can be slowed down and diverted by plants. Place a plant in the line where there is open space directly between your door and the window. These are places where the energy accelerates, making it almost feel like a draft.

  • The corners of your spaces are a very suitable place for plants. Plants soften protruding corners and prevent stagnant energy in corners that are barely used, promoting the flow of Chi through the room. And that's exactly what feng shui is about, a smooth flowing Chi.

Choosing your plants

Any healthy and vibrant plant will bring good feng shui energy into your space. I have selected some of my favorite plants for you.

Jade plant There is a Chinese saying, ‘A Jade at the Door, Poor No More’. The jade plant in Chinese culture is believed to attract wealth because their leaves resemble coins. Place one at your entrance or on your office desk to welcome prosperity into your life.

Money plant The money plant is one of the most famous feng shui plant as it represents good luck, good income, and overall prosperity. With its strong growing stems and softly ovate leaves it will attract positive energy, powerfully purify air, and reduce stress and anxiety. According to feng shui principles the money plant is a great choice for adding some green to your office desk and boosting your wealth and fortune.

Philondendron The Philodendron offers calming feng shui energy. With its large, heart-shaped, soft leaves and attractively crisp shade of green, philodendrons are a wonderful plant for drawing positive energy into the living area of your home. They grow fast so make sure to choose a spacious spot for yours.

Photo by Xinyi Zhang, @Unsplash

Peace Lily The peace lily is known to convert negative energies such as turmoil and restlessness into harmonious energy. As its name suggests, the peace lily brings peaceful, pure, and calm energy into your home. It is a powerful purification plant, capable of clearing and cleansing the energy and offers protection against electromagnetic forces, so keep it near the computer, television or other electronic devices.

Syngonium The five-lobed shape leaves of the Syngonium beautifully represent the five elements of feng shui, water, wood, fire, earth and metal. The plant encourages positive energy and therefore brings inspiring energy into your home. It also known to cleanse the air.

Monstera Deliciosa Monstera Deliciosa, also known as the Swiss cheese plant, is linked to fame and fortune and radiates a powerful vibe that is healthy for the energy of your home. It brings happiness and stimulates to pursue dreams, personal and professional growth.

Photo by Kara Eads, @Unsplash

Rubber plant The rubber plant helps promote the flow of positive energy within a space. It is a heavenly air purifier, amazing at removing indoor toxins. The rubber plant offers a calm, relaxing energy and is the driving force of bringing positivity and abundance into your home. The ovate leaves help to soften sharp corners in your space.

Fiddle Leaf The beautiful fiddle leaf fig is a favorite in feng shui. Its large, ovate leaves draw in positive energy, its upward growth provides uplifting energy, and its fruitfulness encourages prosperity and abundance.

Areca Palm The soft flowing, gracious fronds of the areca palm is a perfect choice for attracting soothing energy into the living room. Just be sure to choose a plant of the right size for your space that can accommodate its growth.

Orchids The abundant blossoms and vibrant colors of orchids are considered a symbol of love, luxury, beauty, and strength. Orchids are popular in feng shui, they are known for bringing crisp, clear, and fresh energy into your space and benefit fertility and creativity.

Photo by Natalia Wiklent, @Unsplash

Bathroom plants

Golden Pothos With its beautiful heart shaped leaves, the golden pothos is the perfect bathroom plant. It neutralizes negative energy and purifies the air. The golden pothos is an easy houseplant as it prefers low-light environments and does not require much maintenance.

Eucalyptus The eucalyptus boosts your bathroom and is a wonderful plant for creating a spa-like atmosphere. Eucalyptus offers healing and protection, it is calming and clears negativity.

Bamboo The fast-growing bamboo is a highly valued plant for its energy within feng shui. The hollow structure of the plant enhances the movement of Chi energy and symbolizes strength, flexibility, and health. Lucky bamboo requires a container of water and a few pebbles to root the plant.


Ferns are great bathroom plants as they do well in high humidity spaces. Ferns symbolize eternal youth and reinforce happiness, positivity, and wisdom.

Photo by Natasha t @Unsplash

Plants need love and care

Plants need your love and care, this way they will quickly create good feng shui in your home. Nothing is worse for the feng shui of a space like a dead, wilted or drowned plant. Neglect of plants brings dull and drained energy into your spaces. Create a routine to keep your plants healthy; clean the leaves, water the plant and remove any wilted leaves or browning parts. The simple and joyful activity of taking care of your plants also has a positive impact on your well-being.

Feng shui is all about creating the right balance in your home. Plants are beautiful and the element of wood is necessary for vital energy in your spaces, but don’t create a jungle! Look around your home, are the other four feng shui elements, fire, earth, metal and water, also well presented?

Good Feng Shui advice always starts with a thorough analysis of your home by a Feng Shui Professional.

Please contact me for a free phone consultation.

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