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Autumn: 5 Ways to Embrace the Metal Season

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

This time of the year life in nature is coming to an end and naturally lets go of its abundant creation. Nature is slowly retreating, the leaves on the trees wither and fall. We intuitively turn inward and with a sense of gratitude we reflect on what can be released. The autumn season is related to clear and spiritual energy of the metal element. Harness the metal energy and tap into this season's natural superpowers.

It is the end of the growing season and fall is here to let go of old energy and make way for something new. Nature releases what it has produced, collected and retained over the past year. It shakes off all unnecessary burdens and is getting ready to rest and regenerate.

The element associated with fall is metal and metal is about the essence, the pure and clear. The energy of metal focuses on creating clarity through order, rules and overview. Naturally, metal explores the deeper layers to get to the core of whatever it is you seek clarity in. It therefore exposes, analyzes, distinguishes and chooses what is genuinely important.

It penetrates deeply into the essence, excels at making choices and supports determining a clear direction in life.

Metal is the energy of discipline, focus, precision and freshness, and can appear as cold, rigid and free of emotions. At the same time, metal is strongly connected to the world of the unseen and connecting with your inner world and spirituality.

Photo @Unsplash by Lex Sirikiat

As part of nature, the current change in energy affects you. Harness the superpowers of the fall season and let them support you to:

  • Finalize a project

  • Sense and express gratitude

  • Feel lightness by letting go of what no longer serves you

  • Tune into your intuition

  • Reflect and analyze

  • Create clarity, choose direction and make decisions

  • Create calm and relaxation through daily routines and predictability

  • Foster spiritual growth

  • Be creative, playful, and joyful

  • Think ‘outside the box’

  • Get to the core of something

  • Organize, order and apply a clear system in chaotic places in your home

  • Determine and set clear boundaries

1. Add metal to your home

Bring metal into home décor if you want crisp, fresh and calm energy. Metal expresses itself through the following design elements:

Color: white, grey, metallic colors and all pastels. Shape: dome shape, arches, circle Material: metal

Bring any items in metal colors into your home. White candles, white flowers, a silver photo frame, a round mirror, side table with a gold finish, pastel bedlinen, or pillows with a metallic glow.

Find or create artwork that incorporated metal colors, glitters and shimmers or round shapes.

Anything made of metal and everything with a point or sharp object are related to metal. Also, electronic devices are an expression of the metal element.

Images of expansive panoramas, of the sky and clouds or the cosmos are strongly related to the element metal.

Crystals are related to the metal element as they are created by the earth. Bring in your favorite gemstones and crystals.

Sound belongs to the element metal. Adding a wind chime or bell is a simple and powerful way to bring the metal element into your space. Make sure you hang it so it can move in the wind and ring freely. Scent is another sense closely related to the metal element, so essential oils or scented candles are a lovely way to activate the metal element.

The Bagua can help you find the area's in your home related to the metal element. Activate the energy in these spaces by introducing any of the metal expressions.

Metal correlates with air and a sensation of spaciousness, calm and serenity. Create open space in your home by removing some items and let your home breathe.

2. Letting go

Letting go is a natural process of nature. Nature doesn't anxiously hold onto what it thinks it needs next year. It lets go in the fall, to return to the essence in simplicity and purity, because nature knows that it needs rest in order to receive and grow again when the time is right.

The energy of the fall season supports you to let go, and when you eliminate what you no longer need, you reveal what is most precious in your life.

This is where tidying up your house, guided by the clear structure of The KonMari Method® falls into place. The KonMari Method® encourages you to live with only those things that truly spark joy and emphasizes the importance of expressing gratitude before letting go and removing belongings that no longer serve you.

Letting go of things creates space in your home and invites new energy into your life. This fresh and pure energy allows you to connect with your inner beauty, clarity and authenticity and encourages you to follow the natural flow that brings harmony into your life.

3. Subtle energetic work

Metal has the most subtle and ethereal energy of all the elements. Autumn is a good time for gentle and refined energetic work like acupuncture, aromatic and essential oils, or energy purification of a space. Breathwork and meditation, tai chi and qi gong are also great ways to work with metal energy.

Clear your space energetically with the sound of a bell or singing bowl or use scent like palo santo or sage.

Sound is also a beautiful way to shift the energy in your home, opening up your space and life for something new.

Photo @Unsplash by Conscious Design

The metal element is connected to your intuition. Tune into your intuition and try to feel subtle signals when you walk into a room or when you meet someone. What energy does a situation or encounter bring about in you? Do you feel excited and happy or tired and restless? Trust your physical reaction and let it guide you in the choices you make.

4. Colors of metal energy

Embrace the metal energy and feel supported by its qualities through color. The universal language of color touches us directly in our hearts. Color is a simple and effective way of evoking and influencing emotions and behavior.

All colors have their superpowers. Welcome the following colors into your home, wardrobe, accessories and cuisine, and let the metal qualities unfold in your life.


White is the color of innocence, openness and vulnerability. White is the color of healing, of empathy and self-confidence. It is a blank sheet of paper on which everything is still possible. White symbolizes purity or Enlightenment.


The color gray symbolizes your brain, or the intellect. It is a businesslike, rational and professional color that radiates quality. Gray can appear cold and emotionless.


Silver feels cold and hard and is often used in futuristic or science fiction scenarios. Silver reflects in an honest, unbiased and impartial way like a mirror does. Silver is a restrained, peaceful and serene color that calms and brings harmony.


Gold is an uplifting color that expresses warmth, compassion, love and spiritual qualities. Gold represents both materialistic and spiritual wealth and symbolizes inner wisdom and victory.

5. Metal activities


Within Feng Shui the energy of metal is connected to the life aspect of children. Connect with your inner child, this is the part of your personality that includes your sensitivity, imagination, creativity and spontaneous elation.

Photo @Unsplah by Morgan Sessions

Take the time to let your creativity and imagination run wild and engage in artistic activities such as crafts, music or drama. Interact with your children, step into their world and let their games guide you. Allow yourself to have a good laugh and enjoy yourself. Your inner child is very eager to learn! Set aside time to start a new activity.

Discover pure joy with an uninhibited and open-minded attitude to life, and marvel at the beauty of the little things in life.

Helpful friends

Metal is also connected to the life aspects of helpful friends. these are the people with whom you are energetically connected; your guardian angels, your friends at distance, the people who are always there for you and support you on your life path, not physically, but mentally.

You too are a guardian angel to someone. Think of a dear friend at distance who could use your support and be creative about how you can best express your intentions, give this person a call, send a postcard or light a candle.

Express gratitude

Metal energy symbolizes end phases like the end of the year or the end of the day in which you look back at your commitments, successes and achievements. keep a gratitude journal, writing helps you explore deeper layers in your personal process. Cherish experiences and express gratitude for things that went well and for things that may not have gone well.

Create healthy and predictable routines

Incorporate a predictable routine throughout your day. Eat at set times, go to bed every evening about the same time and get up at a set time. This regular rhythm of your day gives you a sense of relaxation and at the same time leaves room for spontaneity and unexpected circumstances.

During autumn, your body needs softness and warmth. Create an easy morning routine where you take time to enjoy your coffee or tea, eat a warm breakfast to keep your inner Chi balanced, go for a morning walk or practice refined physical movement like sun salutations, tai chi or ballet.

Photo @Unsplash by Olivia Bauso

Home sanctuary

Create a sanctuary at home, a warm and safe place where you can retreat and seek silence and time for spiritual nourishment through meditation, inspirational books, yoga or writing your gratitude journal.

This can be a separate space or a corner in a room decorated for this purpose. Create an environment with serene and pure energy where you can embrace your inner stillness. You don't need much for this, keep the room light, spacious and simple.

Beauty is the key word for the element of metal. So whichever way you decide to cultivate this spiritual, creative and clear energy , do it with love, elegance and grace.

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