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The Feng Shui Bagua

The bagua is a powerful feng shui tool that reveals the energetic structure of a house.

The bagua divides your space into nine equal areas. Bagua literally means 'eight areas' in Chinese, there are eight areas surrounding the center, which is the ninth area.

All nine areas are connected with different aspects of life, these are processes as they manifest themselves in everyone's life, through presence or absence.

By understanding your home you can influence the desired areas of life and thus your individual needs and overall well-being. Harmonize the energy in your home and in your life!

The grid is placed over a house to analyze the energetic structure, but can also shrink to be used over a room or your office desk, or expand and be laid over your entire property, an apartment building or a city. The possibilities are endless. It is very important though that the bagua always remains in an equally proportioned three-by-three grid.

The 9 life aspects of the bagua

1. career; work, path in life, sexuality and emotions

2. relation; love, partner relationships, self-care, nutrition and education

3. family; family, roots, new beginnings and growth

4. wealth; prosperity, abundance and connection

5. center; well-being, health and authority

6. helpful friends; support, spirituality and travel

7. children; joy, playfulness and creativity in thinking

8. knowledge; wisdom, self-cultivation and intuition

9. fame; reputation, visibility, passion, creativity, soul and transformation

How can I use the bagua in my home?

  • Use an accurately scaled floor plan of your home.

  • Rotate your floor plan and align the bottom of your front door wall with the bagua. Your front door is therefore in the knowledge, career or helpful people area.

  • Determine which area of the bagua your spaces are in.

A bagua analysis is made accurate to the centimeter. So if you want to know exactly how your house relates to the bagua, ask a feng shui professional for help.

Activate the energy

Now that you have located the different area's in your home you can activate the energy of the desired life aspect. All changes, small and big, have an impact and will shift and activate the energy flow, so take it easy and don't make too many changes at once.

Some simple and effective ways to activate the energy in your spaces:

  • Spend time in the area, give it all your love and attention

  • Declutter your space and allow the energy to flow effortlessly

  • Move furniture around and experience your space from a different perspective

  • Add a living plant or fresh flowers for an instant energy boost

  • Work with crystals and let the powerful vibrations radiate in your space

  • Add expressions of the element related to the area, in colors, materials, shapes, direction or metaphors.

Feng Shui advice always starts with a thorough and accurate bagua analysis by a Feng Shui Professional. Are you interested? Please contact me for a free initial consultation.

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