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How to Feng Shui Your Bathroom

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The bathroom is the source of cleansing. It is a very private and intimate space, closely related to body and self-image. Here you start and end your day, it is the place where you can pamper yourself, prepare to face the outside world or unwind with nighttime rituals. Bringing elements of Feng Shui into the bathroom will create a warm, inviting and comfortable environment.

Water is the element related to the bathroom. The bathroom is the source of cleansing and can be seen as a metaphor for cleansing all layers of your system: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When you shower you don't only physically clean yourself, but you loosen the energetic waste that can flow away via the water. You know the feeling that after a stressful day, an unpleasant conversation or situation you would like to take a shower to ‘wash off' the day.

Tips to bring positive energy into your bathroom.


A tidy, clean and fresh bathroom is a magnet to positive energy. Everything is energy, and so everything you store and keep in your bathroom is energy. Think about all those products that are never used, don’t spark joy or are simply expired. These products just lying around clutter up your space and affect the way you feel. The first step for positive energy in your bathroom, and therefore in yourself, is to declutter your bathroom.

Fresh and clean.

Keep the energy clear and fresh by ventilating the bathroom well. If you have a window in your bathroom, open it to refresh and purify the air.

Keep your towels fresh by replacing them regularly and avoid piles of dirty laundry laying around.

Use water mindfully.

The function of the bathroom has everything to do with water. This is the place where you wash, rinse, cleanse and flush. With this, vital energy can also easily flow away every time you use water, so it is important to avoid Chi from escaping down the drains. Too much water that is washed away represents a loss of income within Feng Shui, so using water consciously and mindfully has a positive effect on the energy. Take a shorter shower and flush the toilet with the water-saving button.

Fix leaking taps and dripping showers immediately as they disrupt the energy flow. Leaking faucets not only irritate, but vital energy is also lost with every drop.

Keep the toilet seat and bathroom door closed.

Not only does the energy drain away when we use water in the bathroom, the energy also simply flows away through our drains when we don’t actively use them. To prevent vital energy from flowing away keep the toilet seat closed.

As the energy flows from room to room in your home, it will also naturally find your bathroom. To keep the Chi from flowing away into the drains as it circulates in your bathroom, keep the bathroom door closed to minimize loss of Chi.

Bring nature into the bathroom.

Plants activate positive energy in a space and purify the air. Plants soak up excess water in a damp environment like a bathroom and balance the atmosphere. Plants also harmonize water drainage. The bathroom, on its part, provides the plant with more moisture and helps it grow better. As we try to keep the bathroom surfaces clear, hanging plants are a great solution.

Wonderful plants for your bathroom that you can hang are:

  • Spider Plant

  • Heart -Leafed Philodendron

  • Fern

  • English Ivy

Bathroom décor.

Create a sober but warm bathroom space with accessories you love. Wood elements exudes warmth and friendliness, and the color blue for bathroom linen has the most relaxing effect. Use natural materials like cotton and linen for more comfort.

The elements of metal and wood naturally suit the bathroom very well. Depending on the position of your bathroom in the Ba Gua you will know what element is needed to improve free-flowing Chi and optimize your bathroom space.

Good Feng Shui advice always starts with a thorough analysis of your home by a Feng Shui Professional.

Please contact me for a free phone consultation if you have any questions.

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