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Create Space for Your Home Office

Due to the pandemic, many of us are forced to work from home for an indefinite period of time. The question then arises how you can create a working space where you can focus and be productive. A space that motivates you and that you can easily keep organized.

Set it up

Visualize and clarify.

Start with visualizing your ideal working space. Identify and clarify what you need, depending on the work you do. What kind of environment inspires you, are you easily distracted, do you need space for a desktop or is a laptop sufficient? This vision can help you find and create your perfect working space.

Find a dedicated area in your home.

Is there a spare room, or do you have a kitchen or living room table that you can use? An unused corner in your home can also be transformed into a great working spot, you can do magic with a shelf or board on a trestle!

Let the light in.

Make sure you have plenty of light, preferably natural light. Exposure to daylight impacts your overall well-being. Add a plant or two, they simply make you feel happy!

Sit comfortably.

Make sure you sit comfortably. Check if you have a supportive (office) chair at home, you may even be able to pick up a chair from your office. Make sure your posture is correct, especially if you spend a lot of time behind your computer.

Keep it Organized

Storage space.

Storage space is essential. If possible, use a wall to install an open shelf or place a drawer with wheels under your desk.

A work surface easily becomes cluttered. Designate a place to store all your work-related supplies. This can be a box or container, a designated shelf or drawer. You can use some smaller boxes to create an organized grid in a drawer for stationery goods and use files to organize your papers. Store similar items together.

Tidy and declutter. At the end of your workday, tidy your space and stow away your work essentials. Sort, store and/ or discard all papers on your desk to avoid paper clutter. Make sure your desk is empty at the end of the day. It makes coming to your 'home' office in the morning so much more enjoyable.

If you want, decorate your home office with anything that sparks joy to you!

Tips for a productive working day

  • Go out early morning for a walk or bike ride, a run or a workout. Start your day with a boost of fresh energy.

  • Get into your clothes, make sure you wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

  • Open your windows frequently throughout the day, to let fresh air in and fill your space with clear energy.

  • Make a to do list; this may also include some housekeeping chores likes laundry or cooking. Make sure to check-mark when you’re done.

  • Connect with your partner about the day. Now, more than ever, we spend all of our time with our family. Coordinating housekeeping chores, home schooling our children and working our jobs. Make sure to check in with your partner and collaborate.

  • If possible, vary your activities throughout the day, from work related to some home chores, so you stay focused and work efficient.

  • To support your well-being, eat healthy snacks and meals. Drink enough water and enjoy your coffee breaks. Take frequent walks outside for some fresh air and sunlight, to exercise your body and clear your mind.

  • When working from home it is easy to forget about the time. Find a way to track time and maintain your regular working hours. Stop working at the end of your normal workday, as you would if you were in the office, so you can unwind and start your nighttime routine.


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