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Feng Shui and KonMari™ Tips for Your Home Office

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Your workplace is a place where you spend a lot of your time. Often little attention is given to the interior design of our home office, but you will definitely work more productive, efficient and joyful in a workplace that is balanced, well organized and tidy. A place where you won't get distracted by clutter and overactive energy, or where still energy will drain you and make you feel tired. Feng Shui and the KonMari Method™ offer great insights and tools to make your workspace an inspiring and productive environment.

Visualize and clarify.

Start by visualizing your ideal work space. Identify and clarify what you need depending on your personal desires and the requirements of your job. What kind of environment inspires you?

How do you envision working from home? Do you have small children at home during the day? Do you have roommates or a partner that you have to take into account?

This vision gives you clear guidelines to set up, organize and decorate your workspace.

Working from home

Although the current situation forces us to work from home, it is important to consider the energetic impact of home working on your private and family life. Your work and private life now merge under one roof and it is all the more important that we keep them as separate as possible.

Your home is your personal environment, the realm of your family, and the wellbeing of your family members is therefore more important than business matters. Everyone in the house must be able to move around freely and unhindered.

Is it possible to separate your workplace and home life clearly and effectively?

Ideally, you work in an enclosed space and preferably on a different floor than the living room and kitchen. A natural distance is not only pleasant for all family members, it also creates space for you to concentrate and focus on work and to let go of everyday home-life. With a clear division between work and private life it becomes easier to be fully present for both business and family life, when needed.

Clean and clear energy

A fraught atmosphere can arise through a difficult conversation with an angry customer or an annoying work day. A space can therefore become energetically 'dirty' and this certainly has a negative effect in your home. By opening the windows you can purify and positively transform this energy. An even more effective way to cleanse the air and make it 'own' again is the use of essential oils.

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Create an harmonious workspace with Feng Shui

The five elements

Within the Feng Shui philosophy, the element of earth is associated to working and therefore to the workplace. Earth represents physical work and concretizing something, delivering a product or result and bearing responsibility.

The second element related to work is the element of metal, which represents organization, finances, connections, spiritual development and rational processes.

Depending on the nature of your profession, other elements are also active;

Wood is related to creative professions as in a designer, writer, agent, or artist.

Water becomes visible in the work of a therapist who works with emotions, 'hidden' processes and often the past. These are all properties of water.

The element of fire reflect in artistic professions relating to art, film, photography and fashion.

Adding the elements related to your profession in your workspace can create an inspiring environment.

  • Adding Earth is a must. A rug is a good choice as it strengthens the foundation and grounds your energy. Use natural materials like wool. Or add a figurine or vase made of an earth material (clay or stone).

  • Metal includes plastics, metals and shiny materials. Desk accessories in these materials can be used. Essential oils are also related to the element of metal.

  • The element of water includes glass or images related to water like a river, waterfall or ocean.

  • Wood can be implemented with plants and flowers, or simply pure wood in which many storage or desk accessories are available.

  • Fire is best implemented by light, a candle, colorful objects or art.

The impact of color

Color instantly transforms the atmosphere and energy in a room, so it is important to use color wisely. The main element for a workspace is earth. Calm earthy colors (brown, ocher yellow, terracotta) are very suitable as a basis for creating a pleasant and comfortable office space. Depending on the atmosphere that suits you, or your work best, you can choose an additional color that inspires you.

  • Green creates space for creativity, ideas and growth.

  • Blue calms and relaxes.

  • Red activates and stimulates, creates enthusiasm and commitment.

  • Yellow stimulates thinking, knowledge and wisdom and makes people social.

  • White creates brightness, but too much white makes an environment lifeless.

Apply these colors moderately and not directly in your field of vision. This can lead to unrest and disturbs your concentration while you are working. Therefore avoid painting an entire wall in one color.

A painting or picture on the wall of your home office should inspire and stimulate. Hang a vision board on the wall that you can see from your desk. It will remind you of your purpose in life and your mission. Make sure to add a personal touch, something that sparks joy to you!

The command position

The position of your desk is very important. Feng Shui has clear guidelines to help you choose your ideal desk position. Facing a wall directly from your desk means that the future is blocked. A desk in front of the window creates a lot of distraction and loss of attention, energy, and focus. Having the door behind your desk creates distraction and confusion, causing anxiety of danger that can come from behind.

The so-called Feng Shui command position is the best way to position your desk and attract strong and successful energy. In this position you do not have your back to the door, your desk is furthest from the door and not in line with the door. You can see both the door and the window on the diagonals when sitting behind your desk and your back should be protected by a wall. This position offers a view of the future and a clear road ahead, .

Make sure you are sitting comfortably. Check if you have a supportive (office) chair at home. You may even be able to pick up a chair from your office. Make sure your posture is correct, especially if you spend a lot of time behind your computer.

Invite nature into your home office

Plants are essential. Plants bring life energy into your space and effectively and instantly shift the energy in a room. They lift the energy and make your workplace inviting, healthy and pleasant. Plants refresh and improve the indoor air quality, they absorb the radiation from the computer and give off fresh oxygen.

Sharp corners can be softened by placing a plant, for example on the corner of your desk, to enhance the energy in the room.

Create an organized workspace with the KonMari Method™

The ability to concentrate in your home office is essential for a productive and joyful workday. A calm and uncluttered environment will help you focus. Sufficient storage space, a clear organization system, and a daily clean-up ritual is essential to not get overwhelmed.

Your work surface can easily become cluttered and distract you from working, it can even cause you to feel frustrated and confused. Designate a place to store all your work related supplies and store similar items together. If possible use a closed cupboard for your work items, as open cupboards cause disruptive and chaotic energy. You can use boxes to store your belongings and smaller boxes to create an organized grid in a drawer for stationery goods. Use files to organize your papers.

Don't underestimate the impact of digital clutter! Clear your devices from unnecessary and unwanted messages, newsletters and folders on a regular basis. Organize your files and put your inbox in order.

At the end of your workday, tidy up your space and stow away your work essentials where they belong. Sort, store and/ or discard all papers on your desk to avoid paper clutter. Make sure your desk is empty at the end of the day, it makes coming back to your home office in the morning so much more enjoyable.

Tips for a productive and joyful home office day

  • Go for a walk or bike ride, run or exercise early in the morning. Start your day with a boost of fresh energy.

  • Make sure you have lots of light, preferably natural light. Daylight positively affects your general well-being.

  • Get dressed every morning and wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

  • Open your windows frequently throughout the day to let in fresh air and fill your space with clear energy.

  • Make a to-do list. This can include some household chores such as laundry or cooking. Make sure to check the box when you're done.

  • Connect with your partner about the day. Now, more than ever, we spend all of our time at home with our family, coordinating housekeeping chores, home schooling our children and working our jobs. Make sure to check in with your partner and collaborate.

  • To support your well-being, eat healthy snacks and meals. Drink enough water and enjoy your coffee breaks. Take frequent outdoor walks to get fresh air and sunlight, to exercise your body, and clear your mind.

  • When working from home you easily forget the time. Find a way to track time and maintain your regular working hours. Stop working at the end of your normal workday, as you would if you were in the office, so you can unwind and start your evening routine.

Good Feng Shui advice always starts with a thorough analysis of your home by a Feng Shui Professional.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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