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9 Ways to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Bedrooms are often used as storage space, a home office or a gym. But all superfluous things and extra functions that you allocate to your bedroom distract from the serene and tranquil atmosphere you need to rest and sleep well.

This blog will tell you about the function of sleeping and the impact our bedroom space has on our well-being.

Within Feng Shui the bedroom should be the room with the most Yin energy; soft, dark, motionless and inward oriented. Sleeping is linked to the element of metal, which refers to letting go, ordering and turning inwards. Your bedroom should support this process.

Your bedroom is the place where you relax your body and mind, where you express the most intimate love and affection. This is the place where you turn inside, disconnect from the outside world and connect with yourself and your partner.

Your bedroom is the place where you are most vulnerable, where your consciousness is turned off while you sleep, impressions of the day are processed, sorted and saved. Sleeping organizes your head and supports emotional recovery so that you wake up the next morning with a fresh and clear mind.

A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy well-being and clear functioning during the day, and Feng Shui offers guidelines to bring calm and tranquil energy into your bedroom.

'Even the first simple measures have already had a noticeable effect and our bedroom is now a place where we are able to recharge.' - client (Zurich, Kilchberg)

9 ways to Feng Shui your bedroom

1. Safe and Secure Given your vulnerability while sleeping, a sense of security is very important to surrender to your sleep. You can achieve this by placing your bed in the command position. The headboard of your bed is preferably against the wall, and on the diagonal left or right you can see your bedroom door and the window. This gives you a good overview, which increases your sense of security. Make sure you don’t place your bed under a window. Not only does this create a draft, but a window doesn’t offer any stability and security. It causes a feeling that you could fall out, or that someone can just peek in.

2. Clean and Clear Your bedroom is not a storage room, nor a gym or an office. Take a good look at the things you keep here and banish everything from your bedroom that has nothing to do with sleep and diminishes the feeling of relaxation and comfort. Are there things stored under your bed? These cause unrest and may be stored elsewhere. Any heavy, high or chaotic objects by your headboard can lead to feelings of depression and oppression.

3. Bedtime Story’s

What do you keep on your bedside table, what kind of art or pictures do you have on your wall? And what is the message of these items? Do you have a pile of 10 books to read, a pen and paper for another article to write? Who is in the picture by your bed and what is this person telling you? So much going on! Be aware of the stories your belongings around you are telling you.

4. Symmetry

Provide symmetry in your bedroom. To ensure equality between the partners, it is important that both partners have equal space on their side of the bed. How many pillows are there on your bed? Who is that third pillow for? With an odd number of pillows, you are inviting a third person into your bed. Are you single? Is there literally room for a partner in your life or is the other side of the bed filled with magazines, cups and clothes? When you create space in your bed, you create space to invite a new partner into your life.

5. Natural Materials Choose a solid wooden bedframe. Avoid metal parts as they attract all energy fields from, for example, a socket. Use natural materials like linen, wool, silk, cotton and down for your bedding, duvet and mattress for a feeling of warmth and protection. Any synthetic materials give a sultry feeling and can be statically charged.

6. Plants Plants don't belong in a bedroom! They bring a dynamic, restless and impatient energy into the room, known as yang energy, and therefore disturb the calm and tranquil yin energy needed for a goodnight sleep.

And don't bring dried flowers into your home either, they simply represent dead energy.

7. Mirrors One of the most frequently asked questions… can I have a mirror in my bedroom? Preferably you keep the mirror out of your bedroom. Mirrors double disruptive energy, including a bad dream or nightmare. Mirrors are seen as attention seekers that undermine the comfort and intimacy of your bedroom. If there is a mirror in your bedroom, make sure the mirror does not reflect the bed, this makes it difficult to release emotions which is important at night when you indulge in your sleep. You can cover your mirror with a cloth at night or find a new place for it in your home.

8. Electronics Electronic devices should not be brought into a bedroom! After a busy day where everything revolves around fast and swift, multitasking and being accessible, your bedroom offers a place where you can disconnect and relax.

A television, cell phone and all other electronic devices should be banned from your bedroom. Not only are electronic devices producing a strong electric magnetic field, you are also bringing the overwhelming, loud and chaotic outside world with all its distractions, concerns and problems into your bedroom. I promise, tomorrow is another day….

9. Rituals Create an evening and morning ritual in which making your bed and airing your bedroom are integrated. A five-minute journal is a beautiful and empowering tool. A morning ritual to set daily intentions and affirmations, to express gratitude and reflect on your day before you go to bed at night.

Good Feng Shui advice always starts with a thorough analysis of your home by a Feng Shui Professional.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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