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How the KonMari Method™ Encourages a Sustainable Lifestyle

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Tidying is naturally associated with throwing things away and being wasteful. Even though you may discard drastically, the KonMari approach encourages you to focus on identifying and being intentional about what you want to keep rather than what you want to get rid of. It is a once in a lifetime event that has a profound impact on your relationship with your possessions and it will forever influence your daily habits with more sustainable choices.

People start their KonMari journey for many different reasons, however most motivations are linked to a significant life event or sense of discontent with our homes, that evokes feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. Your home is too cluttered, you feel you don’t have enough space and time, or you can’t manage to keep the home tidy and clean. Tidying helps to cope with the chaos around you, it release stress and helps to take back control, and ultimately create space and time for things that really matter to you.

Whatever the motivation, the KonMari Method™ aims to simplify your life and contribute to a more conscious lifestyle in the pursuit of simplicity, joy and freedom.

Once you have found the perfect balance in your home, you will also notice a newfound balance in yourself. The spark joy philosophy will slowly carry through to all other aspects of life; your career, your friendships and relationships, your purchases and how you spend your time.

More and more often you will find yourself making conscious decisions based on one crucial question; Does it add value to my ideal lifestyle?

How the KonMari Method™ encourages a more sustainable lifestyle.

1. Mindful discarding To discard many items at once can feel confronting and shameful, not only in terms of volume, but also of energy, resources, and environmental impacts. Thank your belongings for their service and the purpose they have fulfilled in your life and let go in a manner that feels most comfortable to you. Discard, sell, recycle, donate or regift your belongings in an environmentally conscious and friendly way.

2. Reuse to get organized The KonMari Method™ encourages to be resourceful and creative in reusing any items you have at home to store and organize belongings. Shoe boxes are most popular, they are sturdy and have the perfect size to store anything from clothes to bathroom accessories or kitchen supplies. Different sizes of boxes you have at home can be used to create a grid in which to organize your belongings.

3. Tidy routines Keep the items that spark joy with confidence and treasure them. When everything that you own you truly love, you will feel dedicated to take good care of them. Incorporate tidying routines and acts of gratitude in your daily life and make your belongings last.

  • The signature konmari folding technique is an act of expressing gratitude to your clothes. Commit yourself to fold each piece lovingly into a rectangular shape that stands upright.

  • Give all your belongings a home in your house and put them back after use. A place where they can rest and recharge so they can serve you again next time.

  • If something you love breaks, repair it. The power to fix things with love and attention is extremely fulfilling and shows appreciation for the object and the people who made it. Don’t be too harsh on yourself and embrace the perfectly imperfect object for its unique beauty. The longer the life of your belongings, the less things you buy that use up precious resources.

To keep your belongings in good condition takes time, effort and energy.

So, besides asking yourself if it truly sparks joy when considering a new purchase, reflect a little more deeply by asking yourself: Do I have time to own this and take good care of it?

4. Create space and time for what you love You may recognize the feeling of being totally overwhelmed by your stuff, yet at the same time you may feel you don’t have enough, or you don’t have the right things? This often results in time, money and energy being wasted on more random and unnecessary purchases.

Clutter is physical and excess noise, visual distraction that causes stress and frustration. An emotional burden that makes it difficult to make choices or simply be content. Empower yourself by simplifying your life and taking back control of things in your life.

Create a tidy home, a home in which you can breathe. Fewer things will restore calm and promote easy routines; less cleaning, less tidying and more time doing what you love with the people you love.

5. Sustainable new habits Once you have completed the tidying festival, you will have found the perfect balance between the space and the stuff you have. This provides insight and awareness of what and how much you really need.

Being more intentional about what enters your home will profoundly change your shopping habits with reduced consumption and more conscious and joyful daily choices as a result. Choose more sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly products. Support farmers' markets and small businesses by buying locally and in-season products or opt for vintage and second-hand clothing.

Find what suits you best to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle!

6. The Earth is your home Everything is energy, and everything is integrally connected. The same energy that composes your body is also the energy that your house is made of; your sofa, chairs and clothes, your books and plants.

When you consciously take good care of your home and belongings, you simultaneously take good care of the earth.

Do you feel overwhelmed or lost in your tidying process? Contact me for support.

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