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How Cluttered Spaces Impact Your Energy

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Do you recognize the incredible surge of satisfaction when clearing out a stuffed closet? Something magical happens, in your home and in you!

Both Feng Shui and the KonMari Method™ emphasize the direct impact our spaces have on our well-being. A major element is the impact of clutter, which can be defined as an overabundance of possessions that create chaotic and disorderly spaces.

In Feng Shui philosophy free-flowing energy enhances health, wealth, love, and overall abundance. Clutter stagnates the energy flow that allows for harmony in your home and supports balance in your life. Cluttered spaces and good energy simply don’t go together. So, the obvious first step within Feng Shui is to declutter your home.

'As you are, so is your home. And as your house is, so are you'. - a Chinese saying

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5 ways how cluttered spaces impact your energy.

1. Clutter causes dissatisfaction The overall feeling of dissatisfaction is great when your home is cluttered, and items don’t have a fixed place. The chaos around you can be so overwhelming that it causes you to lose clarity and overview, making it difficult and confusing to navigate through your home and your daily life routines. Declutter your home, designate a place for all your belongings and allow yourself to live with a sense of calm, content and comfort. A tidy home brings about a tidy mind.

2. Clutter limits your productivity Cluttered spaces demand your attention, focus and time. Imagine what you can do with the time you save searching for your belongings, cleaning your stuff and never-ending tidying of your home. The focus, energy and attention this requires cannot be deployed elsewhere, limiting your productivity. Declutter your home and reclaim your time and energy for important things in your life.

3. Clutter weighs on you emotionally Clutter puts a strain on you and drains your energy, leaving you feeling tired, anxious and stressed. A messy house often reinforces thoughts and feelings of inadequacy and remind you that you have failed at something.

Accumulating things can be experienced as compensation behavior or a negative habit. You may feel severe emotional attachment to objects and extreme anxiety when making decisions about letting go. This makes clearing your clutter all the more difficult. Processing and releasing the negative feelings that resonate with items you have accumulated, and letting go of your belongings with this negative association, will set you free and create space for positive energy in your home and life.

4. Clutter impacts your social life A messy home is uninviting and can have a negative effect on your social life. It can make you feel uncomfortable or ashamed to invite friends, causing feelings of low self-worth, loneliness and sadness. Tidy up and declutter your home and create an inviting space for yourself and your friends.

5. Clutter keeps you from moving forward Is your life on hold? Are there unfinished matters that require your attention? Does your cluttered home and procrastination behavior cause a cluttered, confused and anxious mind, making you feel unable to move forward? Have your life dreams and intentions become blurred? Clear obstacles and distractions and let go of baggage from the past. Take care of delayed decisions and actions to be taken and create space for new opportunities.

A tidy home enhances free flowing energy not only in your home, but also in you. This leads directly to clarity and comfort, and to obvious direction of joyful life choices. Listen to your heart, to your yes’s and your no’s and follow your path towards a meaningful and fulfilled life.

Would you like help to declutter your home or bring positive energy into your home with Feng Shui? Contact me for a free phone consultation.

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