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Expressions of the Five Elements

Key for balance and harmony in your home lies in the cycle of the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. The five elements are regarded as the foundation of everything in the universe

and reflect the natural daily and seasonal cycles.

Each of the five elements has a certain relationship with the other elements, based on their nature. They form an infinite cycle in which they nourish and control each other.

In the nourishing cycle wood nourishes fire, fire produces earth, earth generates metal, metal produces water and water nourishes wood. In the controlling cycle you see that the elements weaken and destruct each other. Fire melts metal, metal cuts wood, wood weakens earth, earth holds back water and water extinguishes fire.

​All elements carry their own energy and express themselves in colors, materials, shapes, direction and metaphors that you can find in your home. The warm energy of fire is expressed in the color red and triangular shapes. The energy of water represents winter and expresses itself in black and blue and glass objects.

The use of the elements in your home can support or counteract each other. This can cause collisions and blockages or, conversely, excitement and liveliness. How so?

The vibrant and dynamic element of wood in the bedroom causes restlessness. An abundance of water elements can manifest itself in inactivity and therefore still energy. Fire lifts up your home, when used in the right space. And where earth and water come together, mud is created, which stagnates the energy flow.

Feng Shui uses the elements as a tool to understand and harmonize the energy in your home. To get a clear picture of how the different elements express themselves, I have listed them for you.


Color: blue, black, aqua, turquoise

Shape: wavy

Direction: inactive, without direction

Season: winter

Material: glass

Metaphor: aquarium, pond, glassware, room fountain, image of lake, river or waterfall

Emotions: empathetic, accommodating, introverted, calm, inscrutable, reflective

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Color: green, turquoise

Shape: narrow, vertical shapes

Direction: ascending, pointing upwards

Season: spring or summer

Material: wood

Metaphor: plants, flowers, forest, meadow, nature image

Emotions: curious, enthusiastic, spontaneous, impatient, tolerant, altruism

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Color: red, orange, purple

Shape: triangle, chaotic shapes

Direction: chaos, all directions

Season: mid-summer

Material: color

Metaphor: fire, candles, fireplace, light, lighting, sun, stove, cut glass

Emotions: dominant, overwhelming, humorous, creative

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Color: yellow, gold, ocher, brown, terracotta, beige

Shape: cube, square

Direction: stable horizontal, centripetal

Season: late summer, early autumn, harvest time

Material: sand, stones

Metaphor: everything from earth, (clay, stone) sandbox (stone) images of a field, desert,

Emotions: steadfast, caring, social, leading, service

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Color: white, grey, metallic, all pastel shades

Shape: dome shape (head), round

Direction: inward and downward

Season: autumn

Material: metal

Metaphor: everything made of metal, everything with a point (arrow, pin) electronics, sharp objects

Emotions: mentally rational, sharp, free from emotions

source all photo's @pinterest

Good Feng Shui advice always starts with a thorough analysis of your home by a Feng Shui Professional.

Please contact me if you are interested or if you have any questions.

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