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Making a Home... Anywhere!

Do you know that feeling of opening your hotel room door for the first time or setting up your tent on a pretty campsite? It’s that exciting moment you have waited for after a long journey when walking into your new space. Inspecting the bed, the bathroom and facilities, opening your balcony door, checking out the views, absorbing surprising scents, colors and breathing in a different kind of air. The extraordinary rush of happiness and lightness when arriving at your destination, ready to make this space your home for the next few days or weeks.

How often do you look at our own house that way? How often do you make time and walk around, open a window and really look what’s there, listen to the sounds? How often do you explore your own space, and do you revalue the belongings you surround yourself with?

When you come home from your vacation this summer, try to see your house with those fresh eyes, with lightness and curiosity and ask yourself the question ‘does it spark joy’?

Does your home put a smile on your face and uplift your soul? Is your home Simply Serene to you?

Would you like help to declutter and organize your home or bring positive energy into your home with Feng Shui? Contact me for a free phone consultation.

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