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7 Steps to Creating a Gallery Wall

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

A gallery wall is a display of a carefully curated collection of your favorite photographs, art, drawings, posters or prints and brings personality and character into your space.

A gallery wall is a great way to bring the element of fire into your home. Within Feng Shui fire is the element of inspiration and passion, fire want to shine and attract. And this is exactly what a gallery wall does.

Creating a gallery wall may seem overwhelming, but these 7 tips will help you make a stylish and unique masterpiece, a spotlight for your most beautiful collection.

1. Visualize your gallery A gallery wall is a great opportunity to showcase your personality. Think about the atmosphere you want to create and keep this in mind when making your gallery choices.

2. Pick a spot Although your living room may seem like the most suitable place for a gallery wall, it is important to keep the function of the living room in mind. The living room is a place for everyone, it is the most important place of the house where all family members should feel at ease. It is therefore not a suitable place to exhibit the personal collection of one family member.

When creating a gallery wall in the living room, make sure it represents all family members, so everyone feels comfortable and inspired by the display. Consider the entry hall and stairway wall for a gallery. Beautiful pieces in an entry way attract and invite you inside, and a gallery in a stairway will naturally guide you up or down the stairs.

3. Choose a concept Choose a color, theme or concept for your gallery to cohesion.

Pick a main color and work with similar shades, tones and intensity throughout your gallery. Pick a theme, for example nature, and work with your theme. Any concept you choose makes working with different patterns, textures, materials and styles easier because there is always a connecting element.

4. Collect your pieces After having tidied your home with the KonMari Method™ you will have curated the items that spark most joy to you. What better way to enjoy these items than to create a personal and inspiring space in your home where you can display them.

You can include holiday pictures, children’s drawing, posters or prints, and anything else you love.

5. Pick your frames Choose frames you love. Mix different frames for originality or choose one color for a calmer appearance.

Photo @jenniferscholl.ceramics

6. Plan it before you hang it Create a whole by grouping your art. Start with the largest piece and place it off-center, this way your eye will be guided along all the pieces rather than being attracted and stuck only to the middle. Build your gallery wall around the bigger pieces.

Bigger pieces need more space to shine, and smaller pieces look nice when grouped more closely together. You can also mix horizontal and vertical frames. Create your lay-out on the floor before you start hammering. Hang your art mostly eye level, this allows you to experience your gallery more intensely.

7. Add dimension Extend and complement your gallery with items that add dimension. You can use a side table or wooden bench to display a statue, lamp, books or flowers This is also the perfect place to add sentimental items, like a box with photographs that spark joy. Be creative with levels and layers.

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