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QuaranTidy Your Closet

Updated: Apr 16

These are unprecedented and unsettling times. We are at home with our families, trying to manage our home-lives, businesses and childrens' schoolwork. Amidst of all this, it is important to look for positive distractions. Why not use some of your time to tidy, and create a space for an organised and enjoyable home, a place where you find clarity and calm. Your space, now more than ever, is your safe and comfortable sanctuary. I will be sharing some inspiration on home organizing projects. We start with a Closet Detox!

Closet Detox

The best place to start organizing is your closet.

Clothes is the first category of the KonMari Method™. We wear our clothes every day and what we wear effects our self-image and self-esteem. A beautifully and well-organized closet simplifies and eases your morning routine, so you can start your day feeling energized and confident.

Results are best if you tidy your closet all at once.

Do you feel overwhelmed, or do you only have little chunks of time to tidy between home schooling, preparing lunch and getting some work done yourself? Then breakdown the clothes category into smaller manageable subcategories. Start with your tops, then your pants, move on to underwear and so on. Do one or two at time and you will be done in a week!

See below my tidying checklist for the category clothes.

Joy checks

Take all clothes (or all items belonging to one subcategory) out of your closet and gather items from every corner of the house. Put your clothes all together in one spot. This is 'the power of the pile' and allows you to get a clear grasp of how many clothes you own. Then, one by one, hold your belongings firmly in both hands and ask yourself if the item truly sparks joy. Pay close attention to how your body responds when you do so, do you feel a little thrill? Keep only those items that you truly love. If belongings no longer spark joy to you they are respectfully let go of. Finish discarding the (sub)category, before you start storing.

Keep the items for donation separate from the items you want to discard, and put them in bags. It may be difficult to donate these days, so best to keep them in your storage area. And don't go back to have a peek in the bags!

Storing Clothes

Hanging Your piece will tell you if it can be folded or if it likes to be hanged. Just hold it and feel it! A long silk dress loves to be on a hanger, whereas a t-shirt or jumper is happy being folded. Clothes that are hanging are arranged from long pieces on the left, to shorter items on the right, from dark colors to light colored pieces.


The folding technique unmistakably identifies the KonMari Method™. It is an act of caring, expressing love and appreciation.

Fold your clothes so they stand independently and then store upright in a box, ready to line your drawers in neat rows.

There is no need to buy additional storage solutions, use what you have. Shoe boxes are absolute favorite!

Gradate the colors, dark in the back and light colors in the front. Light materials in the upper drawers of your closet and thick heavy materials in the lower drawers.

This makes it easy to spot each item and makes it hard to mess up!

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