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How to Declutter Your Wardrobe

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

We wear our clothes every day and what we wear effects our self-image and self-esteem. What if your closet is filled with pieces you no longer love and crammed with items you didn’t even know you had? What if you have so many clothes and you never know what to wear, is this causing you morning stress?

It is time to declutter your wardrobe and keep only those items that truly spark joy, so that any piece you would pick in the morning is a good choice and makes you feel fabulous!

6 Steps on how to declutter your wardrobe:

1. Know your why

Create clarity on why you want to declutter your wardrobe. Is your wardrobe cramped and do you have a hard time navigating to find that one piece you really want to wear today? Do you not like your style anymore, or has your body changed? Do you feel overwhelmed by all your clothes and would you like to live lighter?

Getting your objectives crystal clear will help to make your choices while decluttering your clothes.

2. The power of the pile Take all of your clothes, from every corner of the house, and place them all in one spot. This is the power of the pile and allows you to fully understand how much you own.

3. Does it spark joy?

How do you know if a piece of clothing sparks joy to you? Pick three of your favorite pieces and hold them closely, think and feel what it is that you love about them so much. Is it the color, the fabric, the cut? Now use this feeling to joy check all your other items as you hold them.

Are you still doubting?

Here are some questions that may help to decide whether to keep or let go:

  • When and why did I purchase it?

  • Does it fit well and do I actually wear it?

  • Do I have duplicate or similar items and do I really need all of them?

  • How do I feel wearing this piece of clothing?

  • If I lost it, would I buy it again?

  • Does this piece reflect who I am?

  • Did I wear this piece to a special occasion, and will I wear it to a similar occasion, or would I want something new?


4. To keep, to donate, to let go

Create 3 piles while decluttering: to keep, to donate, to let go. While joy checking your clothes, put them in the designated pile or box. Knowing a great place to donate your pre-loved clothes really helps to let go of items, even when you are in doubt.

5. Let go with gratitude Are you letting go of your favorite t-shirt that is now totally worn out, or are you letting go of a piece you never wore. Every item we let go off has taught us a lesson and has served its purpose. So, say thank you and let go respectfully.

6. Take care of your clothes and optimize your storage

Respectfully taking care of your belongings is key to the KonMari Method™. Your clothes will tell you if they need to be hanged or folded. Most pieces can be folded, yet a silk dress loves to be hanged.

Hanging Use matching hangers to save space and elevate the look of your closet. Organize your clothes from long items on the left to shorter items on the right.

Folding All other pieces can be folded using the KonMari folding technique. Folding is an act of care and expression of gratitude.

  1. Lay your piece of clothing down and rub gently with the palm of your hand to transfer warmth and love

  2. Fold both edges toward the center, tuck in the sleeves or extra fabric in, and create a rectangle

  3. Fold the rectangle over the length in half

  4. Fold the piece again in half or thirds to make sure it can stand independently

  5. Store your items vertically

  6. Sort by category to easily navigate through your wardrobe

  7. Find a box, container or drawer to line your pieces, dark colors in the back, lighter colors in the front

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