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4 Feng Shui Remedies for Hallway Challenges

The font door is called the 'Mouth of Chi' and it is the portal of energy for the entire house. The front is where Chi (life energy) enters your home, bringing along fresh energy and new opportunities for everyone who lives in your home. Once the Chi comes in, it wants to flow smoothly and freely through your spaces one at a time to invigorate the home that supports you.

A welcoming front door is key to attract positive energy into your home and a well decorated hallway allows energy to settle and nourish your spaces. Avoid Chi rushing, being blocked, or stagnated with these Feng Shui remedies for hallway challenges.

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Ask yourself, what draws your attention when you walk into your house?

1. A long narrow corridor? Long, narrow corridors are kind of like a freeway or a long tunnel, they accelerate your attention to the end of the hallway and induce a feeling of rush. Counteract this rushing energy and hang artwork or lighting on the walls to create focal points that draw the eye, slow down and guide the Chi. Lay down (several) rugs or runners to ground the accelerating energy, and to disperse the energy hang a crystal ball from the ceiling.

2. Your reflection in the mirror? A mirror facing your front door reflects the Chi that just came in, right back out of the house, along with all the new opportunities and resources. Keep the positive energy with all its opportunities inside your home and place the mirror on the side wall instead, this will also make the hallway feel brighter and more spacious. Make sure the mirror reflects something attractive, because this is an opportunity to double anything you want to amplify in your life!

3. Clutter? The hallway is typically a place where clutter accumulates. Do you stumble over shoes and bags, maneuver past bulging coats or piles of mail and newsletters? Clutter causes irritation and frustration upon entering, and you take this negative energy with you into your home. Declutter and tidy your hallway, organize and store your things by giving them a place where they belong and can be put back after using them. Ensure a bright, clean and clear hallway where you can enter your home smoothly, happily and with positive energy.

4. The back door? Are your front and back doors directly aligned? Like a draft blowing through your house, the fresh energy coming in through the front door will accelerate and leave your house directly through the back door, with resources, financial and career opportunities flowing away from you. Slow down and redirect the energy into your spaces, and hold on to all these opportunities.

Guide the path of Chi by strategically placing a piece of furniture like a console table or plant in between the two doors. Always ensure there remains enough space for walking. To improve the energy circulation throughout the house hang a crystal ball from the ceiling, halfway between the front and back door. It will slow down and disperse the Chi that comes in.

Create a beautiful, spacious, light and freely accessible hallway. When Chi can flow easily into your home, this energy brings along abundance, new opportunities and ease in your life.

Do you have any questions or are you interested to learn more about your specific home situation? Please feel free to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.

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