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Late summer: 5 Ways to Embrace the Earth Season

It is mid-August and we have arrived in late summer.

Within the cycle of the five elements, it is the earth energy known as the spirit of calm and care that represents the late summer season. This is the ideal time for centering, simplicity, and quiet reflection. Harness the earth energy and tap into this season's natural superpowers.

Late summer energy supports the transition from the action-oriented yang energy of summer to the more inward focused yin energy of autumn. This season encourages you to slow down. It is the time to recover from vibrant summer activity and find a renewed balance between relaxation and exertion. Surrender to the gentle, trusted and safe foundation of the earth element.

When you think of the element of earth, think of Mother Earth and all her loving qualities. Mother Earth is nourishing, carrying and life-giving. She offers protection, stability, softness and a warm embrace. The element of earth is about the foundation of your existence.

As part of nature the current process has an effect on you. Connect with the calm, receptive and calming superpowers of the Earth and let the energy support you to:

  • Engage in social activities and contacts.

  • Tackle and arrange practical matters.

  • Stand firm and grounded, know and trust your own strengths.

  • Distinguish and tune into your own needs and desires.

  • Plan your day in an intentional way to stop you from worrying and hurrying.

  • Foster emotional stability and a sense of calm.

  • Appreciate and hold on to what we invite into our lives.

  • Create a warm and cozy home where you feel safe, can rest and recharge.

  • Offer help to someone who needs it and be receptive to help from others.

  • Turn your attention inward and 'be'.

  • Make time for self-care.

  • Find a balance between relaxation and exertion, which makes you more productive.

  • Self cultivation and improve your skills.

How to bring the natural element of earth into your home and life.

1. Add earth to your home

Bring the element of earth into your home:

Colours: brown, ocher, terracotta, beige, gold, yellow

Shape: square, cube or horizontal shapes

Material: clay, sand, rocks

Hang an image of a landscape such as mountains, meadows, open fields or anything with an horizon and view into the distance. Globes and maps clearly represent the element of earth.

A still life of a fruit bowl is also connected to earth energy.

Earth is the element of collectables. Collect beautiful and valuable treasures with precious memories and display them together, this can be rocks or shells or any items that are important to you.

Create a cozy and comfortable home environment. Use natural materials like linen, wool, silk, cotton and down for your bedding, duvet and mattress for a feeling of warmth and protection.

Lay a bedspread on your bed, take a soft blanket if you are going to sit outside in the evening, put a rug on the floor and place soft pillows in your sofa or chairs.

2. Tidy in 10 minutes

Even though now is not best the time to start your KonMari tidying festival, it is a good time to focus on small tidying projects. With confidence keep only those things that really make you happy and let go of things that have served their purpose.

The junk drawer, your underwear drawer, your socks or toolbox. Even the smallest 10 minute tidying projects leave you feeling satisfied and empowered. Choose the space or category you want to tackle and follow these steps:

  • Gather all like items (or empty the drawer) and spread all your belongings in front of you.

  • Sort everything by category.

  • Joy checking! What do you love, use and want to keep? Let go of the rest!

  • Divide your storage space into square departments and store like items together. Fold anything that can be folded and store vertically if possible.

  • Do good by donating any pre-loved items you no longer want to keep.

3. Colors of earth energy

Embrace the earth energy and feel supported by its qualities through color. The universal language of color touches us directly in our hearts. Color is a simple and effective way of evoking and influencing emotions and behavior.

All colors have their superpowers. Welcome the following colors into your home, wardrobe, accessories and cuisine, and let the earth qualities unfold in your life.


Brown is the color of earth. It is grounding and stable, protective and reliable, safe and supportive. It catches you when you fall and supports you on your path. Brown is predictable, careful and sensible. Friendly and gentle. It stimulates tradition, structure and routine and has a calming influence.


Yellow is the most cheerful color. Yellow makes you shine with optimism, confidence and sparkling energy. It encourages you to explore and develop your individuality, 'who am I' and 'what do I want'?


Gold is the color of trustworthiness, security, compassion and abundance. Gold is content, radiant, receptive and supportive. It fosters enlightenment, inner wisdom and sharing. The color gold is relaxing and healing. Gold is about digesting life. It encourages letting go of nostalgia and being open to the future, free from the past. Spark your life with a golden touch.

4. Keep your Earth energy balanced

Earth energy is kind, gentle and responsible. Earth is the most social element of all five elements. It supports you to take care of and invest in the relationships with your family and friends, and just as importantly, to invest in the relationship with yourself.


In Chinese medicine, the Earth element is related to digestion. Not only physical digestion for a healthy metabolism, but also emotional digesting so you can stay clear and focused.

Think about all that we ask our bodies to digest; the foods that we eat, things that we see or hear, and emotions that we feel and experience. We rely on our digestive system for emotional and physical support. Keep your energy balanced and use the late summer energy for self-nurturing and self-cultivation.

Inner processes

The late summer season gives you the opportunity to reflect and process all the stimuli and events that you have experienced in the past year. Allow yourself time and calmness for processing and digesting information, knowledge and events into new insights. This inner process encourages you to discover which life experiences are nourishing and contribute to your inner wisdom and intuition. And what experiences can be let go.

Thinking and wondering play a major role in this process. Just beware you don't end up in endless ruminating. Meditation can give you a sense of calm and peace and help you to focus and concentrate.

A mindful kitchen

The kitchen, preparation of food and the digestive system is connected with the element of earth.

Do you often eat alone, somewhat unhealthy, quickly and distracted while multitasking? Think about how this way of mindless eating or unhealthy food nourishes your body. You are what you eat.

The earth element invites you to spend time in your kitchen, to cook and bake for yourself and for others. Organize and care for your kitchen space so it encourages healthy eating and nourishing gatherings. Be fully engaged with the food and focus your attention and senses on the process of cooking, The healthy food you consciously select and lovingly prepare will come out nourishing and deeply satisfying. You and your guests will notice it.

Be content

Savor the moment! Strive for a sense of contentment, a feelings that manifests itself as a combination of satisfaction, satiety, relaxation and pleasure. Find this sense of contentment in simple everyday activities. When you read a book, listen to music, make a cup of tea and do a workout.

The energy of the Mother

The energy of earth is deeply connected to the energy of the archetypal mother and her nurturing, life-giving and loving energy. This loving energy is more focused on caring for others than for yourself.

Find a balance between caring and self-care, because when your earth energy is out of balance it causes anxiety, difficulty saying no and setting your limits. This can result in feelings of stress or burnout.

There is nothing selfish about taking the time for self care, actually taking good care of yourself is essential for a healthy well-being.

'Mother' yourself, be kind to yourself and take care of your own needs. Set limits on meeting everyone else's needs and realize that if you don't take good care of yourself, you can't be there for others. Don't be too critical of yourself, but talk to yourself with compassion and treat yourself with love and generosity.

5. Earth activities:

  • A mountain hike or walk in nature connects you with the stable, powerful, and grounding energy of earth.

  • Walk bare foot on the beach or in the grass of a park and feel how the earth supports you.

  • Get your hands dirty by gardening. Earth is our home and working with soil connects you to Mother Earth.

  • Cooking and baking.

  • Self-cultivation by taking in new knowledge and improving your skills.

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