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Pack Lightly for Your Holiday

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

The KonMari Method® goes beyond tidying your home. It is a method that encourages a lifestyle in which you choose joy in every aspect of your life.

Are you going on holiday this summer? Then be inspired by the spark joy philosophy. Select only those things that truly make you happy and pack your suitcase the KonMari way. However you fulfill your wanderlust, packing consciously is the first step to happy new adventures.

To start your holiday in a relaxing way requires careful consideration and a thoughtful way of packing. Keep these basic rules in mind when preparing for your trip:

  • Does it spark joy?

  • Seek simplicity and stick to the essentials

  • Apply the signature KonMari folding and storing technique

  • Use smaller bags and pouches to separate and store different categories

Vacation is the time to live out of pure joy, ease and relaxation. Packing mindfully avoids feelings of overwhelm on vacation that leave you feeling insecure or indecisive. Freed from your daily choices and pressures, from expectations and stress, your holiday destination offers an opportunity to enjoy a simpler and more relaxing lifestyle. Life is simply easier with less, so you can focus on travelling, new experiences and making beautiful memories.

Photo by @erna.drion for Simply Serene

Choose Joy and Ease

Let your sense of happiness guide you when you pack. With your holiday destination in mind choose only those outfits that make you feel beautiful and comfortable and that are lightweight, compact and versatile. Consider which items combine well and don't wrinkle easily.

Packing is a process. Start selecting your favorite things a week in advance, this will give you peace and time to remove those items that don't really make you happy or don't suit your type of vacation, after all.

Fold and Store like a Pro

Use the KonMari folding technique to fold your items neatly and stand them upright inside your suitcase. This allows you to optimally use of the space in your suitcase and easily see all your clothes as soon as you arrive at your destination. It also saves space, so you can take something nice home from your holiday.

Store your clothes and belongings in different bags or compartments, this way you can find anything you need quickly and easily. For example, make a separate pouch for your underwear, your toiletries, documents or chargers.

Pack list for adventurers

I love camping and creating a simple home away from home, preferably out in nature and off the beaten track. I also know how much preparation a camping trip requires and how many different items you have to bring along to be as comfortable as possible.

To make packing for camping a little easier and pleasant you can make a checklist to guide you. Follow the categories of the KonMari Method® to create a clear structure and ensure you bring everything you need.

  • Clothing; dresses, shirts, underwear, bathing suits, shoes, raingear, pyjama's....

  • Books

  • Paper; passport, documents, magazines...

  • Komono; tent, sleeping gear, cooking equipment, food, outdoor games, towels and linen, toiletries & cosmetics, chargers, medicines....

  • Sentimental items

Wishing you safe travels and happy adventures!

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