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7 Ways to Feng Shui Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces within feng shui. It is the place where we nourish ourselves and our loved ones. The kitchen is synonymous with wealth in the most generous way, here the foundation is laid for a healthy and successful life and positive relationships.

The kitchen is connected to the energy of the earth element. Earth energy is stable and familiar, safe and calming, it is about caring and nurturing in the broadest sense. The kitchen with its cooking area is regarded as the warming and nourishing center of family life.

Food has a major influence on our health and vitality. A happy and content cook prepares loving meals and thus feeds his loved ones with positive energy. A pleasant, clear and friendly atmosphere in the kitchen and above all a strong position of the stove is therefore of great importance for our well-being.

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1. Command Position

Ideally your stove is in the command position where you have a full view of the door and your kitchen space. In this power position you are in control of the space and your own energy.

If your stove is not located in the command position, place a mirror or reflective surface so you can see the door and have a clear view while you’re cooking. You are now open to see and receive financial flow, resources, career and life opportunities coming your way.

2. Burners

Burners represent wealth and abundance. A 4-burner stove offers great potential, which comes to the fore when you regularly use all the hobs.

If you have a favorite go-to burner, be mindful about rotating the burners you use. If you don't cook every day, simply boil your tea water on it. By using your stove daily, you keep your wealth and resources active and flowing.

Keep your stove clean. This helps manifest financial abundance and opportunity.

3. Color

Keep the colors of the kitchen walls neutral, light and friendly. The kitchen is related to the element of earth and earth tones such as ocher , beige and terracotta support the nourishing energy a kitchen needs. White brings cleanliness and brightness to the kitchen.

Incorporate color into the kitchen by keeping fresh fruits out on the kitchen table or counter. They are also a symbol of abundance, happy and bright energy.

4. Clean and Clear

The kitchen is the soul of the house and should be practical and full of life, a warm and joyful place. Most important you want to create a kitchen in which you enjoy cooking. A clean, clutter-free and easy-to-maintain kitchen supports this and signifies an intention to take care of yourself and your family.

The focus in the kitchen should be on ease of cleaning.

Declutter the kitchen and toss anything that is expired. Let go of items that are chipped or broken, unless you absolutely love them, then fix them. Ask yourself whether you actually use those so-called handy devices or are they just taking up space?

Everything is energy and everything you choose to keep contributes to the energy in your home in its own way.

Keep the counters and surfaces as clear as possible, making it easy to wipe them down. A clear counter helps create clarity on your finances and represents space for creativity, inspiration and new ideas.

Provide bright lighting in the kitchen so you can clearly see what you're doing. Good lighting also makes you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, with wonderful loving meals as a result.

5. Water and Fire

The kitchen is the place where the conflicting natural elements of fire and water encounter each other.

Keep fire and water separate as much as possible.

Where the sink and stove are positioned opposite or next to each other, you can use the wood element to harmonize the two elements water and fire.

For example, place a wooden cutting board, a wooden tray or a pot with ladles on the counter between the stove and sink, or lay a rattan or jute runner on the floor.

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6. Store Mindfully

Hanging knives represent sharp and aggressive energy, and unconsciously provoke a sense of danger. Hanging pots and pans represent a loss of food (auspicious energy).

Store your knives carefully in a drawer out of sight and store your pans in a kitchen cabinet.

Create a practical kitchen where everything has a fixed place, where you can easily see and reach it.

7. Light a Candle

Transforming products into a meal is a magical process that requires focus and concentration. Because of this, in some eastern countries the kitchen is hermetically closed for others than the chef.

In modern open kitchens though, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of our everyday busy lives, you can easily be distracted from this magical process.

Light a candle when you cook to bring your focus and awareness to the moment and fill your meals with love and attention.

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